Long Time Dead



                                ‘All Die’

Rob, Stella, Webster, Spencer, Joe, Liam and girlfriend Annie share a three-storey house in London, run by shady landlord Becker, who lives on the ground floor.  Together with Spencer's girlfriend Lucy, who lives on a houseboat on the Thames, the group cut loose for the evening at a swish nightclub.  After several hours of dancing and boozing, the friends retire to a back room to dabble with a Ouija board, under the supervision of believer Lucy. What begins as a light-hearted prank soon turns into a nightmare when the pointer springs to life, spelling out the message......All Die.....

Liam flees in horror, clearly upset by the night's events. Soon after, Annie dies in an horrific accident - a fall from the nightclub roof, and the friends begin to turn on one another, convinced they have unleashed a supernatural force. Suspicion and paranoia quickly tears the group apart as an unseen killer moves amongst the friends. Newcomer Joe comes under close scrutiny as the outsider in the household, as does Becker.

As the body count rises, so dark secrets come to light, and one of the group is forced to confront childhood memories steeped in witchcraft and murder. A satanic cult is uncovered, and Becker was involved....and there are many twists and turns. We eventually come to learn that an evil Djinn has come into this world.....and has taken possession of one of the group members....but which group member is it??? and what is it this Djinn wants???















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Directed by Marcus Adams
Produced by James Gay-Rees
Written by Marcus Adams
Eitan Arrusi
Chris Baker
Starring Joe Absolom
Lukas Haas
Tom Bell
Music by  
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) 2002
Running time 94 Minutes
Language English
Budget Not stated


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