The Night Flier



   Never believe what you publish, and never publish what you believe


It would seem that Richard Dees entered the field of reporting because there was a time that some of those strange stories had to be true....yet there were never any monsters, nothing supernatural....just lonely twisted people suffering from delusions. Dees seems to be going that way too.....tired of his life and desperate for 'the' story....and e will do anyting to get it....anything.  His boss Merton Morrison, on the other hand, loves his Job. He has seen the deathly sick and violently twisted world through the eyes of Rick Dees multiplied by all the other reporters who have worked for him over the years, and he just can't get enough. .

Rick Dees has competition - fresh reporter at the tabloid, Katherine Blair. What all three of these characters share is their own form of bloodlust. They have an insatiable thirst for the gruesome story, the more bizarre, the more bloody, the better. Tey are all on te trial of a serial who flies in a small provate plane and drains the victims body of blood. Morrison connects te first two murders and knows te killer will strike again...and both Dees and Blair are hot on te trail.....

The Night Flyer wants more victims and he/it is extremely clever.....but is the killer even human?? Do the journalists get their stories.....or meet a sticky end????
















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Directed by Mark Pavia
Produced by David R. Kappes,
Mitchell Galin,
Richard P. Rubinstein
Written by Stephen King (story),
Mark Pavia,
Jack O'Donnell
Starring Miguel Ferrer,
Julie Entwisle,
Dan Monahan,
John Bennes
Music by Brian Keane
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Release date(s) 1997
Running time 93 Minutes
Language English
Budget Not stated


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