Jack Frost



        Three balls, two sticks, one corked nose. Snowman? No. Much, much more.

           I am the Wizard of Blizzard! Haha! Now run you little mountain goats!


 On a snowy December night, a state execution transfer vehicle crosses into the quiet backwater town of Snowmonton. Contained within the truck is serial killer Jack Frost, who eluded police for five years and left a trail of thirty-eight bodies across five states before finally being arrested.. Frost is set to be executed at midnight that night. However, due to the snowy weather, a tanker from the GCC Genetic Research company that is driving the other direction collides with the prison truck, freeing Jack. As he tries to make his escape, the acid contained within the tanker breaks free, horribly scarring Jack. He falls to the ground, and his body begins to fuse with snow.

Meanwhile in Snowmonton, Sheriff Sam Tiler continues to be haunted by the memory of Jack Frost. Despite news reports of Jack's demise, Sam cannot forget Jack's threats to get revenge on the sheriff, his family, and the whole town no matter what it takes. The sheriff's fears soon prove to be founded when Old Man Harper is found murdered. Soon afterwards, a local boy is also killed, decapitated. According to the sheriff's son, the snowman pushed the boy in the way of a sledge. Another couple are murdered, the husband having an axe shoved down his throat and the wife being strung up like a Christmas tree....something strange is going on!!

Hearing of the murders, Agents Manners and Stone arrive in Snowmonton, claiming to be from the FBI. At the request of these men Sheriff Tiler puts the town on 24-hour curfew and sends his officers out to gather all the townspeople. However, one of the officers is killed by Frost, and townsfolk continue to meet grisly ends.

Jack Frost finally confronts Sheriff Sam Tiler. The agents reveal themselves to be representatives of the genetic research company that created the acid and reveal that the snowman is a mutated Jack Frost. There are continued attempts to destroy frost, but he seems determined to exact his revenge....














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Directed by  Michael Cooney
Produced by  Barry L. Collier,
Barbara Javitz,
Jeremy Paige,
Written by  Michael Cooney,
Jeremy Paige
Starring  Scott MacDonald,
Christopher Allport,
Stephen Mendel
Music by  Chris Anderson,
Carl Schurtz
Distributed by  A-Pix Entertainment Inc.
Release date(s)  1996
Running time  89 mins
Language English
Budget Not stated






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