The Cat and the Canary



       I'm so scared, even my goose pimples have goose pimples.


 On a dark and stormy night....years after the passing of millionaire Cyrus West, his living relatives gather at the stately home of the West family to hear the reading of the will.....Prior to this we are witness to West's selfish and unpleasant grandchildren squabbling and bickering over who should get what amount of money. Cyrus himself then puts in an appearance as the star of a which he chides and rebukes his relatives. who are none to pleased as they feel their fortunes slip away.....before naming his sole heir as his only next of kin to bear the family name.....Annabelle West.

However is true Hollywood tradition there is of course a condition - a stipulation that her mental state is never once brought into question as the whole lot of them are required to spend one night in the West mansion. There is of course a second will available if her mental state deteriorates....and that gets the other greedy residents interest.....As the thunder cracks outside and the rain pours down we have the ingredients for an interesting night within the spooky mansion....but there's more....

A visit from Hendrick's, who represents the local mental hospital, informs the residents that one of his patients, a psychotic killer, has escaped the complex and may seek refuge within the stately home. Furthermore Annabelle is warned by a maid that the spirits have told her that someone will die this evening. Of course help is on hand for Annabelle in the shape of Wally (Bob Hope).....can he get her through the night....will the crazed killer show up.....or are the money mad relatives even more dangerous that the escaped mental patient!!!

This horror film is one of the first I ever saw and it is undoubtedly a classic. I would recommend that all horror fans watch it...there are many twists, turns and atmospheric moments.














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Directed by Elliott Nugent
Produced by  
Arthur Hornblow, Jr.
Written by Walter de Leon
Lynn Starling
Starring Bob Hope
Paulette Goddard
John Beal
Douglass Montgomery
Gale Sondergaard
Music by Ernst Toch
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) 1939
Running time 72 mins.
Language English
Budget Not stated





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