Maniac Cop



          Lieutenant, I've been going over your report. Seems you automatically

                  assume it was a police officer instead of some lunatic son-of-a-bitch

                           dressed up like a cop.


The film opens with two criminals attempting to rob a lone female - however she manages to escape and they pursue her. The two males soon back off when they see she has located a lone Police Officer - however they are stunned when this Officer picks her up by the neck and breaks it. They are of course arrested by Police, yet Detective Frank McCrae remains unconvinced that they are responsible. As the movie progresses we see this mysterious six foot, heavily built Police Officer killing more innocent civilians, with no apparent motive. The Police Dept suggests that it is perhaps someone who is dressing up as an Officer, yet McCrae feels that it is someone within the Police Force. He goes to the media with this and instantly there is panic, with one woman shooting an innocent officer dead as he attempt to help her with a broken down vehicle.

Eventually the Police make an arrest, Jack Forrest, a young cop who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is working nights, well that is what he tells his wife, and a female informs her that it is Forrest who has been murdering these people. Forrest incidentally is actually having an affair with another cop, Theresa Mallory, and he does not want to implicate her upon his arrest. The Force and politicians remain convinced that they have their man - however McCrae knows better.

McCrae locates Mallory and tells her that the Mania Cop will be after her, and that they need to work together to clear Forrest. McCrae learns that the Maniac Cop is in fact Cordell, and that his girlfriend, Sally Noland, is still working in the records dept. He follows her and discovers that Cordell is the killer, although later in the movie Cordell dispatches with her serves (she would feed him info about the location of cops etc). After Cordells killing spree we are left with Mcrae, Forrest and Mallory attempting to survive - and not all of the characters make it through....















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Directed by William Lustig
Produced by Larry Cohen
Written by Larry Cohen
Starring Tom Atkins
Bruce Campbell
Laurene Landon
Richard Roundtree
Robert Z'Dar
Music by  
Distributed by Shapiro-Glickenhaus Home Video
Release date(s) May 13, 1988
Running time 85 mins.
Language English
Budget $1,100,000







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