Maniac Cop III



    I can't imagine the kind of pain you feel Matt. I'm not gonna pretend to.

             But don't condemn her to the same fate.


The movie opens with a robbery taking place at a pharmacy, and a lunatic going on a shooting spree killing and injuring Police officers as they attempt to apprehend him. Detective Kate Sullivan enters and gets shot at, until she goes up to the roof and drops in on the crazed gunman and his female hostage. However as she shoots the perpetraiter she in turn is shot by the hostage - it was an inside job.

Sullivan ends up on a life support machine and Lietenant McKinney holds a bedside vigil. However due to the footage shot of the incident it looks as though Sullivan has shot the offender and the hostage without asking questions - her reputation is in ruins. The Doctors suggest that she will never recover - she is braindead. However McKinney remains unconvined - and forms a friendship with Dr Susan Fowler. Meanwhile a strange male seems to have resurrected Cordell, telling him that 'these days are dark' and that he needs his 'special kind of darkness.' Cordell heads to the hospital and whilst he naturally murders a number of hospital staff and members of the public, he does not harm the comotosed Kate.

Meanwhile the Politicians decide that the best way forward is for Kate to be taken off life support, and they have agreed to give the gunman a suspended sentence and tv rights in exchange for him not suing the city! However Cordell has other ideas and dispenses with the politician and lawyer.

It is therefore left to McKinney and his Doctor friend to find and destroy Cordell, which intensifies when Cordell steals Kates body. It appears that he wants to ressurect her.....Can the due finally put an end to Cordells reign of terror???













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Directed by William Lustig
Joel Soisson
Produced by Joel Soisson
Michael Leahy
Written by Larry Cohen
Starring Robert Davi Gretchen Becker Robert Z'Dar
Music by Joel Goldsmith
Distributed by Fox Home Video
Release date(s) July 7, 1993
Running time 85 mins.
Language English






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