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Elite Hunting is a fictional crime organisation in the horror films Hostel, and it is essentially a murder for profit business. It offers rich, sadistic businessmen and women the opportunity to tirture and kill backpackers/students who stay at a hostel in Slovakia.

In the actual films little detail is revealed about the origins of this organisation - although commentaries suggest that the organization was actually created by the Russian Mafia, which inserted itself into the Slovakian village and secretly intimidated or purchased the local authorities and purchased the derelict factory as its primary facility.

Several hints in Hostel support Elite Hunting's ties to Russian organized crime, specifically their business card, which contains the email address blatanikov@gang.rus, linking it to a Russian web domain. Hostel: Part II however shows several organization members speaking Slovak, hinting at the organization's alleged local origins. Furthermore, the Russian Mafia is known to have several offshoots in Eastern Europe.

The motives for the establishment of Elite Hunting rely mostly on speculation, mostly stemming from the organization catering to a select clientele who seek an exotic service traditionally unavailable in the western world. Similar justifications can be given for a number of other criminal organizations that specialize in slavery, contract murder, prostitution, bootlegging, illegal drugs, weapons or pornography. As established in both Hostel and Hostel: Part II, Elite Hunting's trade is extremely profitable.

Hostel: Part II also introduces the character of Sasha, who by all accounts is the alleged founder and highest ranking member of Elite Hunting. Axelle says he operates an auction business, whereby he auctions people to be tortured and murdered. Sasha is wealthy, living in a beautiful villa in a wooded part of the Slovakian village and is respected figure in the community, either through his popularity or the inherent fear the villagers have for him and his organization. Sasha owns two bloodhounds, who serve as part of the Elite Hunting logo and as the model for the countless bloodhound statues that adorn his villa, hinting at his possible involvement in the establishment of Elite Hunting. Sasha's relationship to the Russian mafia remains undeclared, though it's speculated that he is either a member or a business associate of the group.



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