Ancient Irish druids believed it was a portal to another dimension


American student Tara and her college friends visit Ireland to meet with local resident and friend Jake, and go camping in woodlands surrounding a long-disused children's home. Whilst collecting magic mushrooms for later consumption, Tara ingests a deathcap mushroom and suffers a seizure after which she experiences dream-like trances in which she begins having premonitions of future events....

Around the evening camp fire, with Tara resting in her tent, Jake tells a ghost story of the empty children's home nearby, and of a violent sadistic monk who survived an assault by one of his charges, as revenge for killing his twin brother. Overhearing this causes Tara to have premonitions of the murders of her friends one by one, and ultimately herself. After a nocturnal row with his girlfriend and the others, aggressive Jock Bluto drinks some of the hallucinogenic tea (supposedly for all to share in the morning) and experiences a trip which culminates in his murder, seemingly at the hands of the rogue monk from the children's home (along the way he also has a chat with a cow).

The following morning, unconcerned by Bluto's disappearance - the others consume the mushroom tea, only to become separated from one another in the woods whilst under its effects. The three women, arguing and squabbling, get lost until they themselves are split, and Holly and Lisa are violently murdered - in accordance with Tara's continuing visions - after an encounter with local woodsmen Ernie and Bernie. Jake and Troy locate Tara on the opposite bank of a river, and instruct her to meet them in the abandoned children's home to summon help. Upon investigating the property, Troy is apparently killed by the monk, and Jake makes good his escape by leaping from a high window, breaking his leg as he lands. Tara finds him and the two flee the scene. However as the two make it through the forest Troy has to rest due to his injury....and he is subsequently killed.

Tara awakes as a helicopter hovers over the camp, and is dispatched into an ambulance as the sole survivor. However Tara has a rapid flashback of all that occurred with her friends deaths....she realizes the truth as to how all of her friends were killed.......













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Directed by Paddy Breathnach
Produced by Rob Walpole
Written by Pearse Elliott
Starring Lindsey Haun,
Jack Huston,
Max Kasch,
Maya Hazen,
Alice Greczyn,
Don Wycherley,
Sean McGinley,
Robert Hoffman
Music by Dario Marianelli
Distributed by Vertigo Films (UK)
Release date(s) November 23, 2007
Running time 86 min
Language English


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