Nothing can prepare you for the epidemic that could wipe

                              out the entire planet.


The film takes place in an under-staffed hospital that is quickly losing money. As night begins to fall, an ambulance comes to the hospital bringing a patient with a strange black rash. Dr. Akiba refuses to admit the patient, due to the hospital being low on resources and staff. While arguing with the paramedic, Akiba is alerted to a serious crisis in Room 3 of the hospital. A patient, though unconscious, has somehow fallen to the floor and his vital signs are dropping quickly. They think they have saved him when they realize that the nurse has apparently misheard calcium chlorate instead of calcium chloride and injected the wrong drug into his drip. The present staff members, Doctors Akiba, Uozumi and four nurses, after a long and harsh argument, decide to cover up the true cause of his death and say that he died naturally. They move the body to an unused room and start heating it to speed up decay to hide the damaged blood chemistry.

Soon afterwards, Dr. Akiba discovers that the patient he rejected earlier has been just left in the hallway. Another doctor, Akai, makes his presence known and suggests that they study the symptoms of this new patient as his symptoms (now liquifying into a green goo) represent uncharted medical territory - a chance to make a name for themselves. Not knowing how much Akai knows about the scandalous events in Room 3, the other doctors reluctantly agree to study the new patient - for now anyway. Before long though, the staff learn the patient has vanished from the examination room. Not enough liquid matter remained to suggest the patient had fully liquified, so the staff try to locate him.

It becomes obvious that they are all at risk of infection when a nurse bleeds the same green liquid as the missing patient. She had just sterilizing some supplies for reuse while holding the trays under boiling water. It is reported that her internal organs are liquifying and they put her on a bed and cover her with plastic.A nurse who had earlier been practicing giving needles to the burn patient, was found practicing on herself. She mentions that she was a sickly child and looked up to the nurses that helped her, and she wanted to become a nurse. She plunges two needles into herself and green goo explodes out of her. Dr. Akiba is almost in a panic state when he turns to find another nurse covered in green goo, smiling and hanging upside down from the ceiling.

While returning the burn patient to his original room, Dr. Akiba recalls the events in room number 3, and thinks Dr. Akai, was the burn patient. Then he recalls that he was the burn patient, while Dr. Akai took over Dr. Akiba's roll and Dr. Akai gave the orders for the wrong drug. In the morning, a Doctor Nakazono comes in and finds Dr. Akiba holding a conversation with no one. She challenges him, and Dr. Akiba states he is talking to Dr. Akai. Dr. Akiba realizes he was looking in a mirror, and no one was really there. He looks around and sees several nurses covered in blood, not the green goo that was on them before. He realises that his last few hours had not been a reality. He accidentally cuts himself and sees his hand bloody, but in the mirror, he sees it oozing green goo.

As more staff arrive in the morning, the hospital is cleared of all patients due to the nights events. At the end we see that Dr. Akiba has hidden himself in a locker (where they had heated the body.) The locker is oozing copious amounts of green goo as he cries out meekly for help.









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Directed by Masayuki Ochiai
Produced by Takashige Ichise
Written by Ryoichi Kimizuka
Masayuki Ochiai

Koichi Sato as Dr. Akiba Masanobu Takashima as Dr. Shiro Sano as Dr. Kiyoshi Moro Morooka

Music by  
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 2004
Running time 98 minutes
Language Japanese






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