The most terrifying images are the ones that are real.


While driving home one night after a gathering with friends, Tun (Everingham) and Jane (Thongmee) accidentally hit a woman who is crossing the street. Shocked, Jane wants to see if the woman is alright, but Tun insists they flee the scene. Sometime later, while taking pictures of a graduating class, Tun notices a horrible-looking face standing between the graduates. When he has the pictures developed, he notices the faint profile of a face in one picture. While looking closer, the face turns in a flash, revealing a haunted face with a fierce gaze.

Tun continues to have strange experiences and eerie encounters with the entity from the pictures. He has a persistent neck-ache since the accident, but a doctor finds no physical cause. Tun also has a bizarre encounter with his friend Tonn, who sneaks into Tun's apartment and claims that he needs the photos Tun has hidden away or else "she" will kill him. Jane, who's been sensing strange things as well, decides to investigate the school where the ghostly images were taken. She soon discovers a photo of the girl in Tun's pictures, and looking in a yearbook, discovers a picture of her with Tun.

Meanwhile, Tun checks on Tonn at his apartment, but finds the place a wreck, and the table is covered with pictures which show ghostly blurs like those in many of Tun's pictures. At that point he turns to see Tonn jumping off the balconey to his death. He then learns from Tonn's wife that his other two close friends have also committed suicide. Jane finds out that the girl on the photos was Tun's ex-girlfriend, Natre (Sikamana). Tun says that his friends used to think Natre was strange, so he kept his relationship with her a secret. When Tun broke-up with Natre, he says that she threatened to kill herself, so his friends said they would take care of the situation for him, after which time he never heard from her again. They decide to pay a visit to Natre's hometown to see what became of her.

On the trip Tun sees Natre standing behind them on the road in the rear-view mirror, so he speeds away from the intersection at 120 km/h, but Natre appears outside the passenger window, then on the trunk of the car, which causes Tun to swerve off the road. When they arrive at Natre's mother's house, they notice a foul stench, and they soon find Natre's decaying body in a bedroom upstairs. Tun and Jane persuade Natre's mother to have her remains cremated so her spirit can finally rest. They discover that she committed suicide by jumping off a hospital roof after a failed attempt to overdose on pills. That night in their hotel room, Tun is haunted by Natre, who chases him down the staircase and then out onto the fire escape. She causes him to fall off and he wakes up in hospital the next day. Jane tells him that Natre is to be cremated that day and that their troubles are over.

However, when Jane has her vacation photos developed, an extra roll of film (which shot itself prior to their leaving to go to Natre's house) has also been developed, and in the photos she sees a visage crawling across their living room floor. Jane orders the pictures sequentially and sees that the visage is slowy crawling towards the bookshelf. In the bookshelf she finds negatives which she develops, and discovers that Natre was raped by Tun's friends, while Tun himself took pictures and refused to help her. In disgust, Jane leaves Tun, who then begins burning all of the pictures in which Natre's ghost has appeared. Tun calls upon Natre and asks if she really loves him and if her love is really everlasting. He begins taking pictures of the apartment to find out where she is, but can't find any trace of her so he throws the camera down in anger. However, the Polaroid takes a snapshot automatically while pointed at him and Tun looks at the image as it develops. To his horror, he sees that Natre was actually with him all the time: on his shoulders. This explains his neck pain, his sudden weight gain on a scale and other events in the movie.

Natre covers his eyes, blinding him, and Tun backs up and falls out the window of his apartment, but luckily he survives. Jane visits him at the hospital where a reflection on the glass on the door to his room reveals Natre still sitting on Tun's shoulders, showing that so long as he lives, Natre will never leave him alone.









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Directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun
Parkpoom Wongpoom
Produced by Yodphet Sudsawad
Written by Banjong Pisanthanakun
Sopon Sukdapisit
Parkpoom Wongpoom
Starring Ananda Everingham
Natthaweeranuch Thongmee
Achita Sikamana
Music by Chartchai Pongprapapan
Distributed by GMM Grammy
Release date(s) September 9, 2004
Running time 97 mins.
Language Thai






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