One Missed Call III





The movie begins with a dead girl hanging from the ceiling and a girl named Asuka talking and tending to a chicken that was bullied by its own kind. The guard finds the hanging girl and panics; fortunately the girl survives but is comatose. Asuka was bullied by her classmates just because she is quiet. Tired of getting buckets of water from the girls and violence from the boys, she determines to get revenge. She then finds a phone near the hanging girl; she opens it and reads ' If you send it, you won't die...'

It is shown that Asuka's classmates had been on a cruise ship for a trip to South Korea. Then, Asuka's friend Emiri puts her boyfriend's address in her cell phone. But Emiri has something bugging her; her friend Asuka didn't come with her and is still in Japan. Asuka has a picture of her class in the computer. She is talking out loud that a girl named "Pamu" was the hanging girl. Asuka was angry because Pamu had been bullied just like her. Asuka thought that they would regret it, but they were only afraid someone would find out.

Back on the cruise ship as they are telling scary stories, the lights go out and a strange melody plays on Azusa's phone, showing her hanged. Everyone laughs thinking it is a joke at first, then they realize it looks just like Pamu's hanging. They think she has Pamu's curse now. Some people think she may have received Pamu's hanged picture from someone else. They arrive in Korea as Jinu, Emiri's deaf boyfriend, arriveS to get Emiri. After they split up, Azusa gets lost and screams as she is dragged by a noose. As she is hung by a door, a red candy comes out of her mouth and drops on the ground. Asuka says 'Azusa, after Pamu was hanged, you smiled and laughed...'. Then she laughs while looking at the cell phone. Then, everyone is looking for Azusa while one of their teachers goes to the police station. Asuka clicks Teruya's picture in the computer and then his cell phone says the same thing in Pamu's phone. Teruya goes to the restroom. Then he sees a video clip of himself in the restroom and going outside. He follows its moves, then an electricity line overheats and snaps and then makes a noose around his neck and electrocutes him. They now are scared that the curse is real. Then Tomoka's phone rings and she runs away, but four of her friends as well as Miho and Kyoko beg her not to send the message to one of them. She sends it to Mizue. Then a green hand grabs Mizue's feet and they disappear.

One of the teachers collects all of their phone for their safety when Jinu appears and talks to Emiri about him knowing about the Message of Death in Japan. He says at the Korean [Home?] for the Disabled where they first met, there was a deaf violinist, Touru, who lost his lover by the Message of Death. He and Emiri research about the Message of Death. Then, Touru is forced by the other people to be in the closet by himself. Then he sees a woman looking at him, then he screams in pain while the other people are away, who are disgusted with him. Jinu and Emiri research until they find a website saying a girl named Mimiko made the curse. Mimiko bullied her little sister to death until her mother did the same thing to her. At the hospital, she gave a red candy for comfort. Then, Mari comes in, worried about Emiri, and talks to Jinu about Pamu. He asks who Pamu is, and Mari says it is Asuka who is Pamu. Then, Emiri calls Asuka and asks how she knew about the victims. Then Asuka yells at Emiri to give the phone to Mari. Mari is scared. Mari then talks to Asuka, when Asuka sends the Message of Death to Mari. She pleads with Asuka until she hangs up. Then Mari runs away and sees Mimiko coming towards her. Jinu and Emiri are going downstairs when they find Hiroyuki in a corner in the darkness, then the lights come on.

The laundry machine turns on when Emiri is near it, she then sees Midori inside. Mari, the one who sent the message, cries and Hiroyuki is disgusted with her. Emiri gets a call from Asuka and asks if she did it. Asuka asks 'If you were me, who would you send it to?'. Emiri begs Asuka to stop. Asuka says that she can but Pamu says no. She asks her 'Emiri, you think Pamu is dead? Because Pamu is next to me.' She says that she is wondering who to send it to next. Emiri pleads but Asuka hangs up. Jinu asks in sign language, wasn't Pamu the girl who was hanged? Emiri says that Pamu is actually Asuka herself in a coma. Everyone called her Spam, until it was changed to Pamu. Emiri calls the hospital, but Asuka is still in the hospital. Back at the hotel, the male teacher is trying to take a girl's cell phone away, for safety. He says 'Kids these days, get crazy with these things'. He then gets Megumi's phone while a girl in the closet says 'Stupid adults should die, please'. The two teachers get on the elevator. Mrs. Sonoda says that he was very aggressive towards the kids, who are following directions. He says that their numbers are in the phone; he asks what if they send the Message of Death to them. Mrs. Sonoda, disgusted, says he said it was just a stupid rumor. He says that he does not want to believe it, but in reality kids are dying. Then, the Message of Death arrives on his phone. Then he sees Mimiko. The kids rush to the elevator with Mrs. Sonoda traumatized. They see the male teacher with his heart ripped out in his hands. Then, the kids all fight for their phone. Then the Message of Death comes to Shinichi.

Then, they are in Shinichi's room. The kids ask Shinichi not to send it to them. Then, he sends it to Dakehiro. Then, Dakehiro throws up feathers and dies. After seeing Dakehiro die, Jinu confronts Emiri to ask for forgiveness but she says the original target for the bullying was actually Emiri herself. Asuka, who protected Emiri, became the new target.

Later, Emiri and Jinu try to find out how to stop the curse. Emiri, who phones Asuka, pleads to her to stop. She tells Asuka to choose her next, and to end this with her death. In the Hospital, Asuka, who is currently in a comatose state, starts to wake up. Jinu notices that Asuka is sending the messages of death, via a computer from her home. He conjures up a plan in order to crash Asukas computer, via sending a ton of spam mail to her computer. Emiri, types up a message stating to everyone to "please send an email to this address, to stop a killing curse from taking any more lives". Her friends help her spread the word to different Internet Cafes. Many people around Japan and South Korea flock to her cause.

Meanwhile, Asuka, who has awoken from her coma, returns home. She finds her computer on, with the same picture of her classmates, a few with disfigured faces. She also notices that the mouse is moving on its own. The computer screen flashes, and a video feed of Emiri comes onto her screen. Emiri also sees Asuka on her own computer in South Korea, via the same video feed. Emiri phones Asuka, and tells her how sorry she is. Asuka notices Emiriís cellphone strap, a small glass dolphin. A flashback occurs, where Asuka is walking up to Emiri on the school's rooftop. She gives Emiri a cellphone strap, shaped as a dolphin, and tells Emiri that this strap is special, as it can combine with Asukaís strap, shaped like a ring. They make a promise to visit the beach in the future.

Emiri tells Asuka that she took off the strap in school, because she was afraid of being picked on again. Asuka, who was conscious and aware of what was happening, even during her coma, apologizes for what she has done to the class. Then Asuka sees the mouse cursor moving towards Emiri's face, and tries to stop it, but fails. She shouts for Emiri, and then is thrown backwards from her chair, by an unseen force. Emiri, shortly after, receives the Ringtone of death. Emiri is transported to her school, while the Ringtone is playing. She appears in front of the chicken cage, the same one that Asuka stood before at the start of the movie. The cellphone call is shown to be received on February 8th, at 2:00 AM. She hears Asuka scream, and runs to find her.

In her classroom, Asuka is confronted by all the classmates who died because of the Ringtone of death. Then, when she runs through the hallway and into another classroom, she is confronted by Mimiko, and screams. Emiri runs into the classroom, and sees Asuka on the ledge, preparing to kill herself. After a short confrontation, Emiri decides that she will die instead of Asuka. Mimiko appears behind her, and she accepts the Red candy from her palm. During this confrontation, many, many people from across Japan and South Korea continue to spend spam email to the address. The computer at Asukaís house crashes and captures Mimiko inside it. Mimiko disappeared. Mimiko was then believed to be lost. Both Emiri and Asuka are safe, and return to their location.

Emiri and Jinu walk out of the computer lab and into the hotel lobby. After a short conversation, Jinu heads for the revolving door, as Emiri notices her cellphone is missing. Emiri suspects that Jinu has taken it, and tries to follow after him, but is caught in between the revolving doors, unable to escape. The clock in the lobby points to 2:00 AM, as the Ringtone of death is played. Emiri asked Jinu whether he was the deaf violinist and Jinu tells her that he will not let her die, and shortly after, the insides of his body are twisted by an unseen force, ultimately killing him. Emiri, who watched as Jinu died in horror, shouts as loud as she can before falling to the ground.

A while later, Emiri, who is in a wheelchair, apparently incapacitated by the shock she received from witnessing Jinuís death is being pushed near the beach by Asuka. As they stroll by the shoreline, they stop at a dock, where they look over the sea. Asuka and Emiri have finally fulfilled the promise they made to each other.








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Directed by Manabu Asou
Produced by Kazuo Kuroi
Written by  
Starring Meisa Kuroki
Jang Geun Suk
Maki Horikita
Itsuji Itao
Music by  
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 2006
Running time 104 mins
Language Japanese














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