Ju - Rei



               Terror comes in many forms... You're Next!


Chapter 10 - A group of teenage girls are out on the street at night practicing a synchronized dance routine when one of them hears an odd clicking noise. One of them catches a glimpse of a creepy dark figure and when she tries to explain it to the others they notice their friend, Miho, is now standing away from the group looking down at something....

Chapter 9 - Noriko is home alone when she receives a call from her friend Hitomi. She hears a creepy gurgle and hangs up. When she calls back she hears Hitomi’s ring tone coming from inside the house. A few minutes of incessant ringing later we find out what happened to Hitomi.

Chapter 8 - Noriko’s dad is on a business trip. While staying in a hotel he keeps hearing odd banging noises on the wall from the room next to him. When it’s confirmed nobody’s actually staying in that room it becomes clear the banging isn’t coming from the other side after all.

Chapter 7 - Rie is obviously tense and calls Noriko over to keep her company. When Noriko arrives Rie starts asking her weird questions about ghosts. Rie suddenly gets scared about something and screams at Noriko to get out. We then find out she had a perfectly legitimate reason to be afraid.

Chapter 6 - Rie is working overtime at a hair salon. While sweeping up hair she thinks she sees a person’s face in a trash bag. Her boss lets her go home early and then has her own hairy experience.

Chapter 5 - Noriko’s little brother Junya is the last one left at school because their mother never picked him up. His teacher tells him a creepy story about a man in black. When the teacher has to go receive a phone call Junya sees a shadow at the top of the stairs that apparently resembles his mother.

Chapter 4 - Noriko and Junya’s mother, Mayuko, is leaving the hospital after visiting her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law doesn’t seem to want her to leave, however.

Chapter 3 - Mayuko is in the hospital room with her mother-in-law who seems to be babbling incoherently about someone else being in the room.

Chapter 2 - Noriko, Rie, and Hitomi are in the lobby of the movie theater. Hitomi is passed out on the bench because she fainted for some reason. Noriko takes her home to take care of her. Hitomi is acting kind of strange and when Noriko leaves her alone for a few minutes to look for some antiseptic she disappears.

Chapter 1- Noriko, Rie, and Hitomi are all leaving the movie theater after having watched “Cursed Video: The Movie”. Hitomi tells them about a scarier story she read about on the net involving a black shadowed figure. Hitomi remembers she forgot her scarf in the theater and what she sees in there causes her to faint.

Prologue - If you watch this part, you’ll die....










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Directed by
Kôji Shiraishi  
Produced by
Natsuko Kitani ....  
Takafumi Ôhashi ....  
Written by Naoyuki Yokota
Starring Eriko Kazuto           Chinatsu Wakatsuki Mirai Ueno
Music by  
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 24 October 2004
Running time 80 min
Language Japanese






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