R Point





A Korean radio station in Nah Trang, Vietnam receives a disturbing radio transmission. The transmission is a call for help from a unit of soldiers that were dispatched to the so-called R-Point region, 150 kilometers south of Ho Chi Minh city, more than six months ago. The unit was never heard from again.

The soldiers were presumed dead, but now there are questions that need answering, and the Korean High Command decides to send another unit to investigate. The unit has 7 days to find any traces of the men who disappeared earlier.  First Lieutenant Choi Tae-In is chosen to lead the soldiers, despite the fact that no one will serve with him, because he’s notorious for losing his men in combat. The eclectic unit is comprised of soldiers scheduled to be discharged soon. They’ve already packed their bags, so this little extra job doesn’t exactly go down well with the war weary men.

The soldiers make their way thought the thick jungle, to the edge of R-Point, where they come across an inscription on a rock.
"He who sheds others’ blood cannot return". Is it a warning, a curse or something benign left by the Vietcong, who consider the area sacred? Regardless, the soldiers push on, and when night falls they set up camp in the middle of an empty field. When morning breaks the soldiers have a chance to look around. Through the dense fog a huge abandoned building emerges. It’s placed squarely in the middle of the field, almost like a monument. The building is strangely unsettling. Although a thorough search reveals it to be empty, the soldiers cannot shake the feeling that something is wrong. Soon strange things begin to happen. Something is watching them from the shadows. Something evil.

Then the unit suffers the first casualty, when one of the young soldiers are found dead, mutilated. A desperate Lt. Choi calls HQ to report the incident. When Choi tells his commander the name of the dead soldier the response is immediate. “Are you mad?” his commander asks. “That was one of the men you were send to find!” Choi looks around on the other soldiers. Their faces are filled with fear and disbelief. Oh yes, something is definitely not right at R-point. Not right at all.














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Directed by Kong Su-chang
Produced by Choi Kang-hyeok
Jang Yun-hyeon
Written by Kong Su-chang
Starring Gam Wu-seong
Son Byung-ho
Oh Tae-kyung
Park Won-sang
Lee Seon-gyun
Ahn Nae-sang
Kim Byeong-cheol
Jeon Kyeong-ho
Mun Yeong-dong
Music by Pa-lan Dal
Distributed by Cinema Service
Release date(s) 13 August 2004
Running time 111 mins.
Language Korean







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