Red Eye





The rain is falling heavily as train attendant Mi-sun arrives at work, the final run on the line from Seoul to Yeosu. This is not just the last ride of the day, but the last ride altogether as the line is being permanently closed down.

Several years ago, in 1988, there was a terrible accident on this line, a train crashed and hundreds of people were killed. The event is still used as a spooky story among those who work on the train. Naturally the passengers are unaware of this, as they take their seats busy with other thoughts. Meanwhile the staff readies the train, and Mi-sun prepares for what promises to be an uneventful trip.

As usual the passengers is a mixed group. There is a bunch of soldiers on leave and a some of teenagers documenting ghost stories, with the help of a young psychic girl. There's a kid travelling alone who's drawing some gruesome pictures, a professor on his way to an important lecture, and a young couple who, oblivious to the world, are busy making out almost before the train pulls out of the station. When Mi-sun pushes the little cart with refreshments through the train she gets to meet them all.

The train is rolling along nicely and everything is going according to plan, when suddenly the train operator sees something in front of the train and he hits the brakes. Oddly there's nothing on the tracks and the train resumes its journey. But something happened while the train was standing still. Something bad. Some of the passengers don't seem to notice, others feel like a cold rush of air just swept past them, and as for Mi-sun, she quickly senses that something is horribly wrong.

When something spooks her, Mi-sun stumbles into another car, and suddenly finds herself in a different place. Everything looks strange and the car is filled with passengers she doesn't recognise. Then she accidentally picks up a newspaper, and her heart skips a beat. The date is all wrong. The newspapers says itís 1988! It can't be true, but it is. Mi-sun is standing in the middle of the train that crashed 16 years ago. Somehow her train has merged with the old train, but what does that mean? Will the train of the present share the fate of the train from the past? And if so, is this going to be last ride for Mi-sun as well?










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Directed by Kim Dong-bin
Produced by Kim Nam-hee
Written by Lee Yong-yeon
Seong Gi-young
Starring Jang Sin-young
Song Il Gook
Lee Dong-gyu
Music by Mun Dae-hyeon
Distributed by Big Blue Film
Release date(s) February 4, 2005
Running time 98 minutes
Language Korean
Budget $5,000,000







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