The Record





“The Record” introduces us to a group of high school students raising money by making a fake snuff film, when they decide to play a prank on a sickly classmate. But events spiral tragically out of control, resulting in the classmate’s apparent death. Trying to cover up their crime, the students burn the body and the videotape, only to have the corpse revive and plunge screaming off a ledge. A year later, the surviving students are stalked by a figure in a red jumpsuit wearing a surgical mask, seeking bloody justice and anticipating the students’ every move.























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Directed by Kim Gi-hun
Kim Jong-seok
Produced by Park Il-seo
Written by Han Chang-hak
Starring Kang Seong-min
Park Eun-hye
Music by Lee Sang-yun
Distributed by Sam Wu Communications
Release date(s) August 26, 2000
Running time 90 minutes
Language Korean







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