The Ring Virus



          "Watch until the very end, or you will be consumed by the dead."


A reporter, this time called Sun-Joo (played by Eun-Kyung Shin, who also appeared in Uzumaki as a reporter!), hears that her cousin Sang-mi has died in mysterious circumstances, along with three of her friends.

She becomes curious and seeks help from a doctor called Choi (Jin-young Jeong) who made a mystical pronouncement at the scene of one of the deaths about "supernatural forces" having been at work. And this is where the film starts to get a bit confused, so bear with me. Somehow she knows about the cursed videotape (it's not an urban legend as in the Japanese version), partly by reading a weird pager message sent to the late Sang-mi by her boyfriend who died along with her.

From there, the story follows the Japanese version pretty well, with Sun-Joo watching the cursed video at the resort, and then having to find out who and what is behind the video. Of course, with Choi's "help" (he's not very helpful at all) she soon discovers the tragic story of Eun-Suh (played by Du-na Bae), a young psychic with amazing powers, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.


















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Directed by Kim Dong-bin
Produced by Mauricio Dortona
Written by Kim Dong-bin
Kji Suzuki
Starring Shin Eun-Kyung
Lee Seung-hyeon
Jeong Jin-yeong
Music by Il Won
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 12 June 1999
Running time 108 min.
Language Korean







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