Memento Mori





"Memento Mori" is the second part of the "Whispering Corridor" trilogy. But actually the three films aren't really connected. All they share is the "horror film on a girl school" label, beyond that there's nothing to tie the films together.

The film revolves around the relationship between two high school students, Yoo Shi-Eun and Min Hyo-Shin. As the two girls become romantically involved, their taboo friendship causes them to be marginalized by the other students. Unable to cope with the social pressures of having a lover of the same gender, Shi-Eun tries to distance herself from the increasingly dependent Hyo-Shin. Hyo-Shin reacts poorly to Shi-Eun's changed attitude, viewing it as both a betrayal and rejection. Hyo-Shin consequently commits suicide by jumping off of the school roof. It is also heavily implied that she was pregnant at the time of death, the father being literature teacher Mr. Goh.

The plot unfurls in a non linear fashion, often from the perspective of fellow student Soh Min-Ah. Min-Ah grows increasingly invested in Shi-Eun and Hyo-Shin when she finds a diary kept between the two alienated girls. This diary allows her disturbing insights to the nature of the relationship and pulls her deeper into a strange chain of events around the school. After Hyo-Shin's death, supernatural occurrences start to terrorize all of the students that condemned the relationship. It is later revealed that Hyo-Shin's spirit is malevolently haunting the school through the remnants she left behind in the diary.
















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Directed by Kim Tae-yong
Min Kyu-dong
Produced by Lee Chun-yeon
Written by Kim Tae-yong
Min Kyu-dong
Starring Lee Young-jin
Park Ye-Jin
Kim Min-sun
Kong Hyo-jin
Music by Jo Seung-woo
Distributed by Cinema Service
Release date(s) December 24, 1999
Running time 97 mins.
Language Korean









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