Alone in the dark



  The gate was closed again. But, like the Abkani discovered there's a price to pay for

        bringing darkness  into the light. The Abkani people were wiped off the face of the Earth.

                      And now it looks like it's happening all over again.


In the worlds most remote places. These artefacts speak of terrifying creatures that thrive in the darkness, waiting for the day when the gate will open again. Bureau 713, the governments paranormal research agency, was established to uncover the dark secrets of this lost civilisation. Under the direction of archelogist Lionel Hudgens, Bureau 713 began collecting Abkani artefacts. When the government shut down his contraversial research Hudgens built a laboratory hidden within an abandoned gold mine. There he conducted savage experiments.

In 1967, mine workers find the remnants of an ancient vanished civilization named Abkani that believe there are the worlds of light and darkness. When they opened the gate between these worlds ten thousand years ago, something evil slipped through before the gate was closed.

Twenty-two years ago, the Government Paranormal Research Agency Bureau 713 was directed by Professor Lionel Hudgens, who performed experiments with orphan children. In the present days, one of these children is the paranormal investigator Edward Carnby, who has just gotten an Abkani artifact in South America, and is chased by a man with abilities. When an old friend of foster house disappears in the middle of the night, he discloses that demons are coming back to Earth.

With the support of the anthropologist Aline Cedrac and the leader of the Bureau 713, Cmdr. Richard Burke, and his squad, they battle against the evil creatures.


















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Directed by Uwe Boll
Produced by Shawn Williamson
Wolfgang Herold
Written by Elan Mastai,
Michael Roesch,
Peter Scheerer
Starring Christian Slater
Tara Reid
Stephen Dorff
Music by  
Distributed by
Lions Gate Entertainment
Release date(s) January 28, 2005
Running time 96 mins.
Language English
Budget $20,000,000







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