Life imitating art...Art imitating death


The film commences with a group of college kids, who as with many horror movies, decide to go camping in some woodlands. On the way they stop at a bar/restaurant and are asked by the manager if they could go up to the shed in the woods to take care of a few thinsg for him, as for some reason he is unable to. In response he agrees to feed them and provide them with a few beers. They make their way up to the shed and whilst moving some stuff one of the group comes across an old projector, and decides to watch some of the film reels located in the shed.

Now these home made movies turn out to be explicit and graphic murders of campers in the woods, and the deaths are not only gruesome but appear to be extremely realistic. Of course our youngsters pass this off as some bad home made horror movies, and continue on their way. It is not until later that night that they discover that they are being filmed......and they themselves are to be murdered....



















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Directed by Franklin Guerrero Jr.
Produced by  
Written by Franklin Guerrero Jr.
Starring Matt Carmody     Savannah Costello  Kristyn Green       Natasha Malinsky  Jonathan Rockett
Music by  
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 30 June 2008
Running time 97 mins.
Language English