The Deaths of Ian Stone



      You won't die. They've been murdering you every day. Always at different times,

            different places,  different lives. You never know when they're going to get you,

                               but sooner or later they do.


Ian Stone is an average kid. He loves ice hockey but lives for his girlfriend, Jenny Walker. Late one night while driving home from a painful loss on the ice, Ian comes across a bewildering discovery; what looks like a dead body near the railroad tracks. Investigating the grisly discovery, Ian is attacked by the "corpse", forced onto the tracks and subsequently barreled over by an oncoming train.

He wakes up in an office cubicle. He's still alive, but older and shacked up with a beautiful, but eerily mysterious woman by the name of Medea. Jenny is still there, but she's not his girlfriend, just a co-worker and one of a number of apparently familiar faces.

Ian learns that he is being hunted by the Harvesters; a group of mind-controlling zombie-like characters who cannot be killed and feed off human fear. Everyday, at different times and different places, the clocks stop and they kill him. The only problem is that Ian won't stay dead. He wakes in a new life, a new place, only for the cycle to repeat itself. And indeed, they do come again. They chase Ian mercilessly, all the way back to his apartment where Medea, who is clearly one of them, is waiting. An once again, Ian is killed...

He wakes to find he's a junkie in a rundown apartment, with Jenny living a few doors down. He implores her to remember him, desperately reaching out and searching for someone to help him make sense of what's going on. When the harvesters come again Jenny and Ian have no choice but to run. As they seek refuge on a subway train heading out-of-town Jenny confesses to her memories of Ian's former lives... When they disembark they are again confronted by a group Harvesters - a seething mass of pulsating veins, pitch-black muscles and midnight flesh. We recognise some of the barely human faces from Ian's previous lives including Medea who reveals a shocking truth; that Ian was one of these monsters until he rebelled against the colony and managed to kill one other Harvester.

Medea and the Harvesters attack once more, she explains his rebellion came after his first encounter with Jenny. So moved was he by the girl, that he became a Saviour to the human race. He lives one life after another, always trying to protect her. Before Medea can harm Jenny, however, a final change comes over Ian. His Harvester-self is finally borne out of his human flesh, uniquely exuding goodness rather than a malevolence. He now has the capacity to turn the tables on these creatures and to feed on their fear.

After saving Jenny, Ian returns them to their old high school. While Jenny has no recollection of their harrowing adventure, Ian having realized his abilities, will begin to take the fight to the Harvesters...











                                                                                Copyright(C) 2007 - 2020. All rights reserve




Directed by Dario Piana
Produced by Steve Christian
Brian J. Gilbert
Brendan Hood
Ralph Kamp
Paul Ritchie
Stan Winston
Written by Brendan Hood
Starring Mike Vogel
Christina Cole
Michael Dixon
Jaime Murray
Jeff Peterson
Music by Elia Cmiral
Distributed by After Dark Films
Release date(s) 9 November 2007
Running time 87 minutes
Language English