All the boys love Mandy Lane



      There she is boys, Mandy Lane. Untouched, pure. Since the dawn of junior year

             men have tried to possess her, and to date all have failed. Some have even

                       died in their reckless pursuit of this angel.


Many boys, including Dylan and Emmet (Emmet being Mandy's best friend), find Mandy Lane attractive. At a pool party at Dylan's house Emmet encourages Dylan to jump from a roof into the swimming pool to impress Mandy. Dylan hits concrete and dies. Mandy and others blame Emmet for this.

Nine months later the teens Red, Bird, Jake, Chloe and Marlin ask Mandy (Who is now friends with this group of people and not with Emmet) to go to a weekend party at the secluded ranch of Red's parents, after some thinking, Mandy asks her aunt if she can go and her aunt says yes.

When Chloe, Marlin, Red, Jake, Bird and Mandy reach the ranch, Chloe doesn't want to get her car dirty driving through the mud so she leaves it at the gate forcing Bird and Mandy to walk. Bird tells Mandy that he is not like the other boys and also tells that everyone is trying to hook up with her. Just as Bird is about to kiss Mandy, ranch hand Garth comes with his truck and drives them to the house. When the partying starts Garth keeps an eye on things. While the boys all try to make a move on Mandy, Marlin gets jealous, follows Jake out into the forest and aims to please, of which Jake refuses to offer like for like. As Jake heads back to the ranch, Emmet (from the start of the film) shows up and hurts Marlin with his shotgun.

After getting drunk and trying to hook up with Mandy (but failing), Jake goes back to find Marlin in the forest. Jake finally finds Marlin sitting next to the lake, he lifts up her face and sees that she is bleeding badly and nearly dead. Just as Jake is about to run away Emmet comes up behind him with a shotgun and shoots him three times, as Jake lays dead in the water Emmet walks up to Marlin and beats her to death with the shotgun.

Bird, Chloe, Mandy and Red are relaxing at the ranch when they hear the gun shot that came from Jake's death. Garth storms in and threatens to call Red's parents, but gives the teens one more warning thinking that Jake was just drunk and playing around. When Garth leaves, the four teens then get high on drugs and Chloe thinks she sees someone outside the house, everyone thinks Chloe is just high so they don't believe her. Chloe then falls to the ground, so Mandy takes her upstairs to get fixed up in the bathroom.  Later the teens head outside and sit on the steps of the ranch to relax, someone in a car then speeds up to them, launches fireworks straight at the house and drives away. Bird (thinking that it was just Jake and Marlin being stupid) chases the car into the forest, when the car stops it is revealed that Emmet was in the car, Bird beats Emmet up but Emmet brings a knife out of his pocket and slashes Birds eyes out. Bird tries to crawl away but is slashed to death.

Back at the ranch Garth is really angry because of the fireworks and is halfway through calling Red's parents, but Red stops him and promises that nothing else will go wrong.Garth heads back out to his cabin while Chloe, Red and Mandy go to sleep. As Mandy is sleeping, Emmet wipes Birds blood on the fridge next to her. The next morning Garth sees the blood and says that they need to leave the ranch because something strange is going on.

Garth wakes Chloe and Red up (who were sleeping with each other on the lounge) and tells them that they are leaving. Just as Garth opens up the front door, Emmet shoots him in the leg from a distance. Red says "I'm the one who brought us into this, so I'm going to get us out" and heads out the back door with Chloe and runs through the farm to Chloe's car that she left at the gate. Mandy stays with Garth (Who cannot walk) in the house. When Red and Chloe reach the car, Chloe kisses Red thinking that they are safe, but she is wrong. Emmet comes up behind Red and shoots him in the back, killing him.

Emmet then gets into the car and chases Chloe who is on foot and running back to the ranch for help. Mandy leaves Garth in the ranch and seems to come to Chloe's rescue, but kills Chloe with a knife. It turns out that Emmet and Mandy have agreed on these killings, and decided to commit suicide afterwards. However, Mandy does not want to commit suicide after all.. This upsets Emmet, and he tries to murder her. Garth turns up and wounds Emmet further by a gunshot, and after a fight Mandy manages to kill Emmet. Garth believes Mandy is innocent and they drive off together......








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Directed by Jonathan Levine
Produced by Joe Neurauter
Chad Feehan
Written by Jacob Forman
Starring Amber Heard
Anson Mount
Michael Welch
Aaron Himelstein
Melissa Price
Music by Mark Schulz
Distributed by Optimum Releasing
Release date(s) 9 September 2006
Running time 90 min.
Language English