The Ruins



  They don't want us to spread it. That's why they won't let us leave. They're salting the

           soil to keep it contained. It's old. It has to be really old because the birds and

                  insects and animals have learned not to land here.


Two American couples (Jeff & Amy; Eric & Stacy) decide to help a new-found German friend, Mathias, look for his brother Henrich, who has supposedly joined an archaeological dig. "Pablo," one of a group of Greek travelers, goes as well. The other Greeks say they may follow later. Following a crude map that Henrich drew for Mathias, the group makes its way to a location 11 miles outside of Coba. The taxi driver who has brought them the last step of the way tells them their destination is a "bad place," but they continue on.

Soon the group stumble upon a Mayan village, whose inhabitants ignore them or indicate that they should leave. The group finally finds a path to the ruins, though someone has tried to conceal it. Following the path, they find a clearing, beyond which is a hill covered in vines and red flowers. A villager suddenly appears on horseback, armed with a pistol. He wants them to leave, but other villagers, armed with bows and arrows, soon appear and the Mayans begin to argue among themselves. Amy, trying to take a picture of the scene, backs up to get a better shot and mistakenly steps into the vines. After this happens, the Mayans change their behavior and will no longer let the tourists leave.

With no other option, the tourists head up the hill, where they find a small, abandoned camp. They find a mineshaft with a windlass and rope and hear what sounds like a cellphone ringing at the bottom of the shaft. Thinking they may be able to call for help, the group tries to recover it. While Mathias is being lowered into the shaft (also in the hope of finding his brother), the rope breaks,Mathias falls and is paralyzed. After the rope is repaired, Stacy is lowered down. She cuts her knee on broken glass, but finds Mathias, whose back is broken. The group rigs a backboard and is able to lift Mathias out.

Jeff finds that the Mayans have ringed the hill with bonfires and armed men, and seem to be simply waiting. During the night, Stacy finds that a tendril of the vine has crept into her wound. They remove it, but Stacy becomes obsess

ed with the idea that the plant is growing inside her. Later, Jeff checks on Mathias and finds that the vines have wrapped themselves around Mathias' lower legs and have eaten into them, down to the bone.Later, the cellphone is heard again, and Stacy and Amy again try to find it. Amy rushes toward the sound but is stopped by Stacy, who realizes that the sound is coming from the vines' flowers. They see that the vines appeared to be leading them toward a steep drop, at the bottom of which are many bones. The vines start moving and start chasing after Amy and Stacy. They make it out, panicking.

Jeff decides to amputate Mathias' legs, and he and Eric do so.Stacy has vines growing inside her and she shows the group. Jeff cuts at the wounds and takes out the vines. Stacy gets paranoid and just wants to cut herself to get out the vines but Jeff doesn't allow it. So they give Stacy a drink and it shows that the vines are in her head to.While the others sleep, Stacy cuts herself and gets the vines out, Jeff tries to help but stacy slashes his hand with the knife(making him infected). Stacy continues cutting and Eric goes to grab the knife, but Stacy Stabs him,ultimately killing him. The vines come out to grab him. Jeff takes the knife from Erics body and kills Stacy.

Jeff makes a plan to cause a distaction while Amy makes a run for it. He does it and gets killed by arrows while Amy runs away. The Mayans are chasing her. She makes it to the car and starts it and makes it out. Making her the only one to live out of the group.

Later, the greeks arrive looking for Demitri.They walk across the clearing and towards the hill, presumably to suffer the same fate as the others.










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Directed by Carter Smith
Produced by Ben Stiller
Chris Bender
Spyglass Entertainment
Written by Scott Smith
Starring Jonathan Tucker
Jena Malone
Shawn Ashmore
Laura Ramsey
Joe Anderson
Music by  
Distributed by DreamWorks Pictures.
Release date(s) April 4, 2008.
Running time 96 mins.
Language English
Budget $8 million