House of 1000 Corpses



   Ah! The doctor is in! Don't scream, don't move. Stay tuned for channel 68's Halloween Eve

       movie marathon! I'm your host, your ghost ghost, with the most, Dr. Wolfenstein!   

                I will be with you until the end!


The film takes place in rural Texas, the date is October 30th, 1977, and four twenty year-olds (Jerry and Denise, and couple Bill and Mary) are driving through the countryside to write a book based on their experiences. They make a brief stop at Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Madmen, a gas station that also serves as a side show, detailing the histories of past serial killers; Captain Spaulding was introduced in the film's opening sequence when he shot and killed two would-be robbers. The youths are particularly interested in Dr. Satan, a mad scientist who began performing bizarre and horrible surgeries in hopes of creating a breed of super-humans.

Spaulding gives the kids directions to the Deadwood Tree, the site of Dr. Satan's execution. While driving, they give hitchhiker Baby Firefly a ride until their tyre is shot by an unidentified man (later revealed to be Baby's brother, Rufus). Baby and Bill take a short walk to her house and meet the rest of the Firefly family: the Mother; brothers Otis, Tiny, and Rufus; and grandfather Hugo. The rest of the kids arrive at the house and are treated to a series of bizarre Halloween rituals. The Fireflys are shown to have kidnapped five high school cheerleaders; one of them appears to be dead, another has been tied to a bed, and three others are being menaced by Otis.

When Baby attempts to flirt with Bill during a show Baby puts on, Mary is disgusted and fights with Baby, prompting them to leave the house; however, they are attacked by Tiny and Otis and taken back to the Firefly home. Meanwhile, Denise's father Don is worried when she never arrives at his house and calls the police. Lt. George Wydell and Deputy Steve Nash question Captain Spaulding, who gives them directions to the hanging site. Meanwhile, Otis kills Bill, taxidermies his corpse, and sews his torso to a large fish tail to create amermaid. Jerry is scalped; Denise is violently beaten; and Mary is thrown into a prison cell in the basement where she is descended upon by a group of unidentified maniacal individuals. As Don and Nash go and check out the Firefly's garage and find the dead bodies of the cheerleaders and Denise screaming for help, Wydell arrives at the Firefly house and questions Mother Firefly before all three of them are killed--Mother Firefly shoots Wydell in the head, Otis guns down Don from a distance, and he forces Deputy Nash to sink to his knees while holding a gun to his head for a long time before he shoots and kills him.

Mary, Jerry and Denise are then humiliated in a number of different ways, including Denise being forced to kiss her father's skinned remains. They are then taken to the family graveyard, where Jerry and Denise are tied up, tossed into a coffin and lowered into the well below. When Mary tries to escape while wearing a grotesque bunny suit, she is stabbed to death by Baby, while Jerry and Denise are attacked by the disfigured victims living in the well. Denise escapes and finds an underground tomb, lined with corpses and ultimately leading to the torture chamber of Dr. Satan, where Jerry is being subjected to a horrible, grisly experiment.

Dr. Satan's disfigured assistant Earl chases Denise throughout the lair with an axe, but is knocked unconscious when the tomb collapses. Denise escapes to the surface and is rescued by Captain Spaulding, only to find that Otis is waiting in the backseat of the car. Denise then reawakens in Dr. Satan's lair, with her own experiment about to begin as the film ends.....









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Directed by Rob Zombie
Produced by Andy Gould
Written by Rob Zombie
Starring Sid Haig
Bill Moseley
Erin Daniels
Sheri Moon Zombie
Music by Rob Zombie
Scott Humphrey
Distributed by Lions Gate Films
Release date(s) April 11, 2003
Running time 88 minutes
Language English
Budget $7,000,000