Lake Dead



                 Beneath the calmest surface lies the deepest nightmare


Three sisters, Brielle, Kelli, and Sam, who are on college break and find out about their grandfather who had just passed away, and he had left them a motel in his will. Their father, John tries to get them not to go, but the sisters ignore him and head off, taking their three friends, Tanya, Ben, Bill (Alex A. Quinn) and Bill's girlfriend, Amy.

The group drives to the motel and meet the caretaker, an old lady who appears kind. After finding a lake on their property, the group of friends take a swim, not noticing that a dead Sam is floating underneath them.

After the swim, the friends return back to their trailer, where they set up a small campsite. Bill and Tanya go out to the woods to get some firewood, After encounters with the cannibals, the friends are terrified. Bill, Tanya, and Amy are butchered, while the remaining friends escape but are picked up by a mysterious cop. It is later revealed that the cop and caretaker are all a part of the evil scheme to make Brielle and Kelli a part of their devious plans.

The sisters manage to overcome joining their family's footsteps. Survivors Brielle, Kelli, and Ben then escape from the motel.

In the end, four teenagers are shown going into the motel to check in. It is then shown one of the cannibals survived, and he watches the doomed teenagers from behind a bush.

















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Directed by George Bessudo
Produced by Mike Karkeh
Todd Chamberlain
Hector Echavarria
Jason Hice
Written by Daniel P. Coughlin
Starring Kelsey Crane
Tara Gerard
Alex A. Quinn
Dan Woods
Music by  
Distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment
Release date(s) November 9, 2007
Running time  
Language English