See No Evil



                        Look into their eyes, can't you see the sin?


A group of young delinquents (four males and four females) are sent on a community service project to clean up the long dilapidated Blackwell Hotel. The group is escorted by tough cop Frank Williams. Little do they know reclusive psychopath Jacob Goodnight has holed away in the rotting hotel, and that it was Williams who had shot this psycho in the head four years earlier. As the kids begin to get on with the work there is increasing levels of flirting and alcohol use, until one of them disappears. Most of the other teens remain oblivious to this until others go missing and they eventually  catch on that a maniac is stalking them - and they are unable to leave the hotel.

Jacob says little, if anything. There are occasional flashbacks to Jacob's childhood, suggesting his killing sprees are owed to religious abuse at the hands of his mother. As the killings continue we are eventually left with three survivors, who come face to face with the killer. It is only later on in the film that we find the woman who organised the community service, (a sweet old lady who let them into the building) did so on the premise of gaining revenge on the cop who put a bullet in her sons head. Jacob appears to struggle with what he has become and turns on his mother himself - however it seems she is harder to kill than your average victim.....

















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Directed by Gregory Dark
Produced by Vince McMahon
Joel Simon
Written by Dan Madigan
Starring Glen Jacobs(Kane)  Samantha Noble
Christina Vidal
Music by Tyler Bates
Distributed by Lions Gate
Release date(s) May 19, 2006
Running time 85 min
Language English
Budget $8 million