My Bloody Valentine 3D



                 Harry Warden is dead....we buried his body....


Eleven years prior to the present day, a cave-in on the north side of a mine trapped six miners. When rescue teams arrived, they found five dead miners who were killed by a pickaxe. One miner, Harry Warden, survived, but remained in a coma. It is one Tom Hanniger who is under suspicion for committing this crime, and finally he is blamed for the mine disaster because he forgot to vent the methane lines.

The following year on valewntines day, Warden awakes from his coma and escapes the hospital, killing many people in the process. At the abandoned mineshaft that was the site of the disaster, a party is in full swing, attended by many teens, including Axel, his girlfriend Irene, Tom Hanniger, and his girlfriend, Sarah. Sarah goes in alone and gets lost looking for Axel and Irene. She runs across a teen and a few seconds later he is stabbed in the back of the head through his eye. She is confronted by Harry Warden in full miner's outfit, carrying a bloody pick axe and she flees for safety; Axel grabs her and they hide from the killer. Warden eventually sees them, and they run out of the mine, where they run into Tom coming in. The killer hits him with the pick axe, injuring him, while the other three run for the car and leave him behind. Tom runs back into the mine in an attempt to get away from the killer; just as he's about to be killed, the police arrive and shoot the killer, but he makes his getaway back into the depths of the mine.

Ten years later, Tom's father, whom Tom was estranged from, dies and Tom inherits the mine. Tom then returns to town after his father's funeral to sell the mine. Axel is now sheriff and married to Sarah. In quick succession, Irene is murdered by Harry Warden at the motel where Tom is staying, then a miner is murdered in the mineshaft where Warden was chased by the cops. Axel asks his father, the retired sheriff, what happened to Warden. He says that he and Tom's father killed and buried him. Axel, Tom, Sarah and Axel's father go to the spot where Warden was buried to see that his body is no longer there.

Next, the current mine manager and Axel's mistress are killed. Tom picks Sarah up to take her to Axel's love nest to convince her that Axel is the killer. Axel then calls her and tells her that Tom is the killer. She crashes Tom's car and makes her way to Axel's shack. Sarah is chased by the killer all the way to the mine. There, Sarah goes into the shaft where the original murders took place, where she is joined by both Tom and Axel, and after a brief stand off, Axel and Sarah realize that Tom is delusional and has been carrying out the murders himself while hallucinating that it was Warden. Sarah shoots Tom in the abdomen, and the bullet goes straight through him and into a compressed air tank, causing a fireball to knock down Tom. She escapes with Axel. A rescue team comes in to the mine to help Tom, but Tom kills one of the rescuers and escapes the scene dressed in the rescue worker's clothing......












                                                                               Copyright(C) 2007 - 2020. All rights reserved



Directed by Patrick Lussier
Produced by John Dunning
Andre Link
Jack L. Murray
Mike Paseornek
John Sacchi
Written by Stephen Miller
Zane Smith
Todd Farmer
Starring Jensen Ackles
Jaime King
Kerr Smith
Tom Atkins
Music by Michael Wandmacher
Distributed by Lionsgate
Release date(s) January 16, 2009
Running time 101 min.
Language English
Budget $20 Million