Eden Lake



                        Listen to me...go get help......go


Nursery teacher Jenny and her boyfriend Steve escape for a romantic weekend at an idyllic remote lake. However, when they get to the beach and attempt to have a relaxing day, a group of delinquents and their dog appear. Steve stubbornly decides that he would much rather stay put, enduring their loud music and obnoxious dog, than be "bullied" by them into leaving. They stay overnight in a tent, and in the morning discover that their food has been infested with insects. Hungry, they return to the car to find someplace to eat, but unfortunately, they run over an empty bottle the hooligans left behind. Steve luckily manages to fix the tyre, and they set off for the town. While driving in the town, Steve sees the unruly teens riding around on their bicycles, and angrily follows them. Unable to keep track of them, Steve finally gives up, and they go looking for some breakfast. In they diner they settle for, Steve asks the waitress if she has seen the kids riding around on bikes. The waitress jokingly asks if they have been terrorizing Steve and Jenny. Steve laughs, and states they have only been "hassling" them, and continues by saying that he wanted to inform their parents they had punctured his tyre. The waitress gets serious all of sudden, and says "not my kids", resulting in Steve dropping the whole thing.

When they leave, though, he catches sight of a group of bikes sprawled out on the front lawn of a house, and stops the car. Jenny pleads for him to stay, as they are "not worth it", but Steve determinedly gets out. He walks up the house, and even enters it, calling out to see if anyone is home. As he continues to search through the house, the father is driving up to his house. He is clearly upset that Steve's car is blocking his home, and yells out profanities to Jenny, as she moves the car. The father enters the house, scaring Steve. He is trying to sneak out, but accidentally hits something on the floor with his foot, which the father hears, and starts yelling for his son Brett. He is storming up the stairs to what seemingly is his son in his room, but he finds it empty, due to Steve jumping out the window, and racing to the car.

The couple return back to the lake, and are enjoying themselves for the time being, that is, until they realize the beach bag has gone missing. The beach bag contained their car keys, so hurriedly, they go to check on the car, and much to their dismay, see that it is gone. Shortly after seeing the car is gone, the teens almost run them over with the vehicle, and continue driving away, leaving them completely stranded. Later in the night, Steve and Jenny come across the troubled teens, once again. Steve, against Jenny's will, confronts them. After demanding to have his car, phone, and wallet back, Brett, who appears to be the leader of the pack, starts a fight with Steve. Another of the boys, Mark, takes out his knife, and comes to the aid of his friend, along with the dog. Steve ends up taking the knife, and killing Brett's dog. Brett evidently saddened by his dog's death, throws the car keys to the floor, which Jenny picks up. She calls Steve over, and they begin running to the car. They get in the car and start driving away, but unfortunately they get stuck, allowing for the corrupted kids to catch up with them. The gang starts throwing rocks at the car, breaks the windshield and smashes the headlights. They start pounding on the windows, and the hood of the car while simultaneously yelling at them. Luckily, they manage to get the car moving again, but with the headlights out, Steve could not see where he was going and ended up crashing the car, hurting himself, and getting stuck by a tree branch. He tells Jenny to run and to try to find help. The next day, Jenny comes out from hiding and returns back to the car to see what has happened to Steve. He is not there, but she follows a trail left by the teens, and sees that he is tied up with barbed wire. She witnesses his torture, each boy from the group takes a turn cutting him up in different places, while Paige films everything with her phone. Jenny uses her bluetooth on the GPS to connect with Steve's phone. Brett having the phone realizes this, and knows that she is there.

The group spots her, as Steve yells at her to run. Of course, Jenny does, but not without the gang close behind her on their bikes. This gives Steve the opportunity to remove himself from the barbed wire, which he does so. Jenny manages to slow down the kids by sticking a large branch in the middle of the trail, causing some of them to fall off their bikes, and for her to continue running away. After both Steve and Jenny run away from the gang for a while, they finally find each other, and resume the wild goose chase. They stop at a small wooden shed, where Jenny tries to mend some of Steve's wounds. She finds the wedding ring Steve was planning to give her when they were on the beach having a good time. He starts telling her about the plans he had when the gang is back. Jenny sees them through a crack in the shed. Just before the gang enters the shed, you see a board on the floor fall down, closing the gap. Jenny and Steve are hiding in the water under the shed. The group leaves, and Jenny then pulls Steve out of the water. She has to leave him where he lays on the ground, though, because he can no longer walk. She is set on heading into town, and tells Steve she will be back with help. Jenny falls victim to a spike laid out on the ground and hurts her foot. In order to hide from the youths, she rolls down a small hill. There, she removes the spike that went through her shoe. After crawling back up the hill, Adam, the little boy her and Steve had encountered drawing earlier in the film, when they were going down to the lake, reappears. After asking for his assistance, the boy leads her into what she believes is the way to town. He takes her to the spot where his "mum picks him up", and starts "playing" with his phone. In reality, he has led her straight into the gang's clutches.

Jenny is knocked out by one of the boys in the group. She awakens to find herself, and Steve, bound to a pile of branches, which the loutish youths plan to set on fire. They make Adam light the match, and set the couple on fire on the grounds that he can be a part of the group. Again, Brett commands Paige to film the whole scene with her phone, which she faithfully does. Brett is the only one in the group who is actually rejoicing and celebrating as Steve, and Jenny are going up in flames. The fire, though, burns the rope binding Jenny's hands, and she escapes. She grabs a branch on fire, kicks the bucket full of gas, and sets a barrier between her and Brett, who tried to recapture her. She then runs off, but as she does so Brett gives her an ultimatum: come back, or Adam gets burned alive. Tragically, the latter occurs. Exhausted and distraught, she crawls into a garbage dumpster she comes across, and later emerges turd-clad, and ready to enact revenge on the scoundrels. She picks up a shard of broken glass on the floor, and wraps it in a strip of her dress she ripped off. After doing this, one of the younger, and more resentful, of the group sees her and approaches her. As quickly as she stabbed the boy in the neck, was as swiftly as she was pulled under a wave of remorse, and holds him until his last breath. The rest of the group finds the younger boy's dead body, and are overwhelmed and tired of all the turmoil they feel Brett made them do. Brett, angered by this, brutally beats the boy, and causes Paige to run away scared. Jenny finally makes it to the lake limit, and gets out through a hole that was dug under the gate. A car barely runs her over, and a boy comes out. She desperately asks for help, and he takes her in his vehicle. All seems well, but disgracefully, it isn't.

Jenny explains to the boy she is being hunted by a group of scoundrels, the driver then gets worried, and tells her that his little brother is out there. He calls his brother, one of the boys from the gang, and tells him he is on his way. Jenny, again, begins to anxiously worry, and pleads for him to head in the direction of town, instead of the lake. The boy gets out of the car, in order to call out for his brother who is not replying. While he leaves the car unattended, and the gang starts coming up to the older brother of one of their own, Jenny gets in the driver seat and takes off. Much to the misfortune of Paige, who ends up running in the middle of the road, she gets purposely pummeled by the oncoming vehicle, and dies. She finally makes it into town, and crashes into a car. It is that house that she goes to ask for help. In the midst of a party, the inhabitants' good time is interrupted by Jenny screaming for help. A woman begins getting up, and tells others to help her with Jenny. They get her in the house, and the same woman starts tending to her, and tries to cheer Jenny up enough to speak. An event that would appear to be the solution Jenny hoped for, starts taking a turn for the worse. A dog similar to the one Steve killed appears, and the dog bowls reveal that they're supposed to be a pair. Another woman then gets a disturbing phone call, causing ruckus in the house. Jenny then notices the pictures of the boys on the wall, and worriedly asks for the police, which a man denies her of this. She then asks the woman who helped her to take her to the bathroom. As she is in there, the commotion outside begins to elevate from everyone. The man, Brett's father, kicks open the door, with everyone gathered around him, including Brett. His father says that they now have to end this problem, because they "take care of their own". Brett's father commands his son to go to his room, when he disobeys, he is smacked and then forced to. As he goes upstairs you can hear Jenny's screams after being locked in the bathroom with three of the men, Brett's father being one of them. The film then ends with Brett deleting all the videos from the phone, and staring into the mirror with Steve's sunglasses













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Directed by James Watkins
Produced by  
Written by James Watkins
Starring Kelly Reilly
Michael Fassbender
Music by  
Distributed by Rollercoaster Films
Release date(s) 5 September 2008
Running time 92 mins.
Language English