Dare to believe


The movie opens with the explaining the origin of the real Credo. After a silent reading of it, it cuts to a radio recording of two men discussing the nature of evil while close-ups of insects and occult writings play. Alice (MyAnna Buring) is alone in a library studying. After the librarian notes she's always the last to go, she packs up her belongings and heads home to find a loud, raucous party already in progress. The party however was a touch too loud and Alice, along with her four roommates Jock (Clayton Watson), Scott (Mark Joseph), Timmy (Nathalie Pownall), and Jazz (Rhea Bailey), find themselves evicted the next morning.

Jock comes through the next night with a place to stay. As they explore the building, it's revealed in a flashback with narration by Timmy that a student, Seth (Chris Jamba), obsessed with the nature and existence of evil, joined forces with four other students in an attempt to summon a demon called Belial. At the last moment, Seth backed out, broke the pentagram binding the demon, and released the demon into the world. All four were found the next day dead by their own hands.

The four settle in totheir new surroundings. Time passes and the power goes out; Alice hears growling and sounds of something being dragged along wood and ventures to one of the rooms they're sleeping in to find the other four are using a shot glass on a Ouija board. The next morning, the first death happens: Timmy is found dead in her room hanging from the roof by a length of electrical cord. The rest of the group starts to get picked off one by one whenever they're alone, but the demon never lays a hand on them. Instead, it manifests as an illusion that convinces them to take their own life. Jock's mother appears to him, claustrophobic Jazz sees someone in a tunnel with her and brings the ceiling down on herself in a panic, Scott sees his Alice, and Alice, the final female, sees her father.

After Alice's father finishes his monologue, the film cuts back to Jock, Scott, Jazz, and Timmy on the Ouija board. They ask the board if there's a presence in the room with them: It answer Y. They ask it its name: Alice. They ask it where it is: Tower. It repeats 'tower' over and over until they release the shot glass. Everyone but Scott goes upstairs to the tower while Scott reviews his hidden cameras. Scott sees Alice throughout the house talking to herself and stabbing at the air. Upstairs, Jock finds Alice hanging from the rafters, dead. The movie ends with Scott watching a snippet of conversation Alice had earlier with 'Scott'.














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Directed by Toni Harman
Produced by Michael Alexander Dobbin
Alex Wakeford
Toni Harman
Written by Alex Wakeford
Starring MyAnna Buring
Clayton Watson
Mark Joseph
Nathalie Pownall
Rhea Bailey
Chris Jamba
Music by Kim Halliday
Distributed by Lionsgate
Release date(s) November 18, 2008
Running time 87 mins.
Language English
Budget 750,000