Midnight Meat Train



                          The most terrifying ride you'll ever take


The film opens as a well dressed, barrel chested man (Vinnie Jones) stalks the late-night passengers of a subway train. He kills several people with a meat hammer and a butcher's hook. He dispatches his prey with unnatural strength. He wears a ring on his finger, adorned with a six pointed star. We are then introduced to Leon, a photographer who heads into the city's subway system at night to take photographs and saves a woman from a gang that is harassing her. The next day, he discovers the girl has gone missing. Leon is intrigued and begins to investigate newsreels about similar disappearances. His investigation leads him to a butcher named Mahogany, who he suspects has been killing subway passengers for as many as a hundred years....

Leon attempts to turn some of the photos he has taken of Mahogany in to the police, but they become suspicious of Leon's motives. Leon decides to take matters into his own hands and goes to the subway at midnight, where he witnesses the butcher killing several passengers and hanging them on meat hooks. Leon passes out on the subway floor after being attacked by the butcher and awakens the next morning in an abandoned subway platform with strange markings carved into his chest. Maya, Leon's girlfriend, and her friend Jurgis examine the photos Leon has been taking of Mahogany, leading them to the killer's apartment. After breaking into the butcher's home, Jurgis is abducted. Maya goes to the police, but they won't listen to her. A police official, who seems to be involved, directs the misguided Maya to a trip on the midnight train. Leon, unaware of Maya's involvement, decides to put an end to the butcher's crimes and heads to the subway entrance. Leon arms himself with a butcher's apron and several slaughterhouse knives.

Leon enters the train as Mahogany corners Maya. Leon attacks Mahogany and finally throws him out of the train. Eventually, they enter an underground cavern filled with bones and decomposing bodies. The conductor enters the car and advises Leon and Maya to "step away from the meat." The true purpose of the underground station is revealed as creatures enter the car and consume the meat. The conductor explains to Leon that the creatures have always existed and the butcher's job is to feed them every night. As they exit the car, Mahogany returns in a battered and bleeding state. Leon engages him a final time and impales the butcher's skull with a blade. With Mahogany's death, the conductor removes Leon's tongue with the same superhuman strength as the butcher and forces him to watch as he kills Maya with one of the butcher's knives. When the conductor is done, he tells Leon that he must take the butcher's place.

In the final scene, the police official who was involved hands the train schedule to the new butcher, who wears a ring with eight stars. The killer walks onto the midnight train and turns to reveal that he is Leon.











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Directed by Ryuhei Kitamura
Produced by Clive Barker
Written by Jeff Buhler
Clive Barker
Starring Bradley Cooper
Leslie Bibb
Brooke Shields
Roger Bart
Ted Raimi
Peter Jacobson
Barbara Eve Harris
Tony Curran
Vinnie Jones
Music by Johannes Kobilke
Robb Williamson
Distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment
Release date(s) August 1, 2008
Running time 100 min.
Language English
Budget US$15,000,000 (est.)