Perkins 14



                     Think of it as a mercy killing for a sick animal.


On the 10th anniversary of his son's kidnapping, a small town cop (Dwayne Hopper) finds a connection to Ronald Perkins, a mysterious loner he just picked up for a traffic violation. The cop reflects on the kidnapping of his son (Kyle), whereby he was in his home having just put his children to bed. He hears a noise and investigates, and upon detecting his sons scream he runs to his room - only to find that he has gone. Now Perkins is indeed an odball - and whilst Dwayne is initially ordered to let him go (Perkins has friends in high places) he begins to do some digging into Perkins file and makes his mind up that he is the kidnapper.  His hunch is not shared by his close friend Hal, who is also a cop. However on his night off work Hal agrees to go over to Perkins home address to check it out. Once inside he finds himself in the basement - yet as he wanders deeper into this he stumbles and pulls at a switch - which appears to release a number of cages in this basement. The next thing the viewer sees is Hal meeting a grisly end, and Dwayne losing radio contact with him.....

Dwayne takes Perkins to his home address, where he learns that Perkins has videoes documenting the existence of these children in cages, including Dwaynes son.  Now it transpires that Perkins kidnapped fourteen children a decade ago from his hometown of Stone Cove, brainwashed them and created a team of unified killers. These children were subjected to horrific conditions - living in cages in his dark basement and devoid of any contact with any other humans. Perkins himself is clearly mentally unstable, ementaing from his own parents brutal murder when he was six years old. Dwayne shoots Perkins dead.

As a result of these (now best described as savages) youths being out on the rampage the town is placed on a state of emergency, and Dwayne's first thought is to get his family together. He grabs his daughter and traces his wife to a seedy motel (she is having an affair) and they, along with a few others, hole out at the Police Station. Dwayne realises that one of these savages is his own son, Kyle, and he tries to make contact with him.

The townsfolk drop like flies and a few of the savages are killed. As the movie draws to a close Dwayne reaches out to Kyle - and for a second it looks as though his son recalls his father. However this does not last long and Dwayne meets his makes at the hands of his savage son...leaving only his daughter in the desolate building with her brother.....Will he dispose of her as he did his father???












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Directed by Craig Singer
Produced by Jeremy Donaldson
Matthew Kuipers
Christopher Milburn
Written by Lane Shadgett (screenplay)
Starring Patrick O'Kane
Shayla Beesley
Mihaela Mihut
Michale Graves
Music by  
Distributed by After Dark Horrorfest
Release date(s) January 9-15, 2009
Running time 93 mins.
Language English