The Factory





In New York, a prostitute is picked up by a man named Gary, who takes her to his home.  As she's changing, he spots that she is transexual and brutally murders her with a fireplace poker, explaining he had intended on having a baby with her.  He later cuts up the body and stores the pieces in a freezer. Mike Fletcher is a detective assigned to the case, which is under threat of being shut down due to its inactivity. A prostitute going missing, which spurs the case on. Over the Thanksgiving holiday Fletcher goes home to his wife Shelly, their son, and their daughter Abby who is unhappy at spending Thanksgiving with her family instead of with her boyfriend Tad. Mike gets wrapped up in the case following their dinner together and he and his partner Kelsey Walker work to solve it.

Shelly and Abby have a fight and Abby runs away to the diner Tad works at. Tad upsets her by suggesting they take a break, and she leaves. Coincidentally, Gary, retrieving medication from an orderly named Darryl at a local hospital, whom he has incriminating evidence of, spots Abby and assumes she is a prostitute. He offers her a ride, and to make Tad jealous she accepts, leaving her coat and cell phone at the diner. Shelly reports Abby missing to Mike, but claims none of her friends nor Tad have seen her. Tad shows up at the police station the next day and explains the fight, then recognizes Darryl on their list of suspects. Mike and Kelsey go to interrogate Darryl, but Mike physically assaults him and is taken off the case.

Gary imprisons Abby in his basement, where she meets two girls, Brittany and Emma, who Gary abducted in order to impregnate. They seem psychologically traumatized, but show their allegiance and dedication to Gary, calling him "Daddy." Abby begins to imitate them in order to fit in and stall him. Mike sneaks into Darryl's house and finds a list of pharmaceuticals that Gary gave him, before Kelsey shows up to back him up. He takes the list to the hospital and has a brief conversation with Gary, who works as a cook there. Darryl's boss tells Mike he didn't shown up for work that day, which was unlike Darryl. Mike calls the company on the back of the list in the hope of finding him.

That night a snow storm shuts down the airport, forcing Darryl to stay in town as he tries to flee arrest. They track him to the hotel he's staying at, but he is dead when Mike and Kelsey arrive, circumstantial evidence planted by Gary pointing to him as the kidnapper.

Mike gets a call from the company which turns out to be a catering company. He pieces that together with details of Gary's description by a would-be victim and realizes that he is the killer. He and Kelsey make their way toward Gary's house as Kelsey reports it over the phone. During this, Abby, who had framed Emma for breaking Gary's rules, then convinced him that she was just celebrating the fact she was pregnant, takes her place for a special dinner he had planned. She uses an opportunity to use his cell phone to call her father, but Gary catches her. She injures him with a corkscrew and is thrown back into the basement where a very pregnant Brittany's water has broken. Due to her immobility, she asks Abby to help cut the baby out.

Mike and Kelsey arrive at the house and Mike briefly talks to Abby over the house intercom who tells him that Gary keeps the key around his neck. Mike is attacked by Gary's German Shepard, but knocks the dog out before confronting and shooting Gary. Afterwards, Kelsey picks up Gary's discarded gun and shoots Mike, revealing that she was with him the entire time, but her infertility left them unable to have children like they wanted, so he set up an operation to have children with prostitutes. Gary dies, and to save Abby from Kelsey, he reveals that he learned she too was pregnant. He reaches for a second gun and there is a gun shot. Afterward, Kelsey comes down to the basement and frees Abby, taking Brittany's recently born baby and assuring them that they're safe now. The police later find three empty incubators - but when Mike and Kelsey first saw them, they had babies in them.

Weeks later, Kelsey calls the Fletcher home, apologizing for not going to Mike's funeral and congratulating her on her impending motherhood. Abby listens to the recording over and over again, and hears a baby make noise in the background, showing that Kelsey took the babies for herself. Meanwhile, Kelsey meets with a realtor in a nice suburban neighborhood with three babies in her car. She picks one of them up and smiles as the screen goes dark.










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Directed by  
Produced by Joel Silver
Susan Downey
David Gambino
Written by Paul Leyden
Morgan O'Neill
Starring John Cusack
Jennifer Carpenter
Dallas Roberts
Michael Trevino
Mae Whitman
Sonya Walger
Maxim Roy
Mageina Tovah
Music by Mark Isham
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date(s) February 19, 2013
Running time 104 minutes
Language English