Remember that kid everyone ignored on Valentine's Day? - He remembers you.


At a school dance in 1988, outcast Jeremy Melton asks four popular girls to dance. Three girls, Shelley, Lily and Paige reject him cruelly; with the fourth girl Kate kindly answering that perhaps she would later. Their friend Dorothy accepts Jeremy's invitation and they proceed to make out in privacy. When school bullies discover the two, Dorothy claims that Jeremy sexually assaulted her; causing the boys to taunt and severely beat Jeremy up publicly, his nose bleeding heavily.

Years later, Shelley, a medical student; is at the morgue practicing for her medical exams. After receiving a vulgar Valentine's card and being pursued by a killer in a Cupid's mask, Shelley's throat is slit as she hides in a body bag. It is noticed that the killer's nose bleeds as he performs the act. Her friends are questioned at her funeral but nothing is concluded. All the girls except Kate and Paige receive cards in the same fashion as Shelley's and upon correspondence with the police; they guess that it could be Jeremy Melton.

As the girls attend Lily's artist boyfriend's exhibit, Lily is isolated and confronted by the killer; who proceeds to shoot her repeatedly with arrows until she falls several floors into a dumpster. When they haven't heard from Lily, the others assume she is interstate on a work trip. As Valentine's Day approaches, Dorothy is planning a themed party at her house. Her boyfriend Campbell is also killed the day of the party as he relights the hot water. The others assume he has simply left Dorothy after freeloading off her; angering Dorothy, who believes they are jealous. At the party, Paige is killed when she becomes locked in a hot tub and the killer throws an electric drill into the water.

As the party disintegrates when the power cuts out (due to Paige's electrocution), Dorothy and Kate argue over who the killer is. Kate claims that Campbell could be a suspect because they don't know anything about him; while Dorothy counters by accusing Kate's on-off recovering alcoholic boyfriend, Adam. After being told by Lily's boyfriend that Lily hadn't arrived in Los Angeles, Kate realises she too must be dead and calls the detective assigned to the case. She follows the sound of a ring tone outside the house and discovers the detectives severed head in the pond.

Convinced that Adam is actually Jeremy disguised by reconstructive surgery (this is not possible as Adam has given no indication that he may be Jeremy) , Kate returns inside only to find Adam there. Disturbingly, he asks her to dance but, frightened, Kate knees him in the groin and escapes. Running through the house, she discovers multiple dead bodies. She locates a gun but the killer tackles Kate, knocking the gun from her hand and sending them both tumbling down a staircase. The killer arises and is shot by Adam, shocking and confusing Kate. As she apologies profusely, Adam pulls off the Cupid mask to reveal the killer as Dorothy. Adam forgives Kate, explaining that childhood trauma can lead to lifelong anger and some people are eventually forced to act on that anger. As Kate and Adam wait for the police to arrive, they hug as Adam says he's always loved her, moments later after she has fallen asleep on his chest while they are both sitting and waiting for the police to arrive his nose begins to bleed.









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Directed by Jamie Blanks
Produced by Dylan Sellers
Written by Tom Savage
Donna Powers,
Aaron Harberts
Starring Denise Richards,
David Boreanaz,
Marley Shelton,
Katherine Heigl
Music by  
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date(s) 2 February 2001
Running time 96 mins.
Language English
Budget US$10,000,000