Four months after losing her husband in a car accident, Sarah (Paradis), a pregnant woman, is visited on Christmas eve by a mysterious woman (Dalle) who wants Sarah's child for herself by any means necessary.

The film opens with the auto accident in which Sarah's husband is killed and in which Sarah and the driver of the other car are severely injured. Following the opening credits, the action shifts to Christmas Eve when Sarah is undergoing a sonogram and making final preparations for her delivery the following day. After the exam, while Sarah is waiting for her mother to pick her up, she is taunted by a middle-aged nurse who tells her how painful labor and delivery are. After Sarah insults the nurse, her mother arrives to take her home.

That evening, a visitor arrives at Sarah's door asking to use the telephone to call for help. Sarah explains (through the closed door) that her husband is sleeping and she does not want to disturb him by allowing the visitor in. The visitor tells her that her husband is not sleeping, but dead. Sarah, obviously shaken, asks how the visitor knows this and demands that she leave. When the visitor persists, Sarah attempts to take her photo through a window and telephones the police. The police arrive and assure her that she will be fine, but arrange to have a patrol car visit throughout the night. Upon developing the photos, Sarah sees the vague image of the visitor. She telephones her employer, asking to have the photos enhanced.

Meanwhile, Sarah goes to bed and the visitor arrives in the bedroom, awakening Sarah with scissors puncturing her navel. Sarah fights the visitor off and locks herself in the bathroom, where the visitor tries to gain entry. This is interrupted several times by the arrival of Sarah's employer, mother, and the police, all of whom are killed by the visitor, except Sarah's mother, whom Sarah accidentally kills, believing her to be the visitor before getting a good look. The story plays out with the visitor finally delivering Sarah's baby with a pair of scissors in a brutal variation on Caesarian Section.












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Directed by Alexandre Bustillo
Julien Maury
Produced by  
Written by Alexandre Bustillo
Starring Alysson Paradis
Béatrice Dalle
Music by  
Distributed by La Fabrique de Films
Release date(s) June 13, 2007
Running time 82 mins.
Language Engllish