Soo-na, a 17 year-old student who lives in a huge mansion with her uncle and grandmother, is driven over the edge after the suicide of her best friend. She locks herself in her room, talks to someone that nobody else can see, and tries to kill herself in front of her family. Her uncle, Se-jin, enlists the help of his fiancée, Yoon-mi, a psychiatrist who specialises in hikikomori. Yoon-mi suspects that Soo-na's condition is related to some hidden family history.
























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Directed by Park Jae-sik
Produced by Lee Ho-seong
Written by  
Starring Ko Eun-ah
Jeong Yoo-seok
Chae Min-seo
Music by  
Distributed by Mirovision
Release date(s) 18 September 2008
Running time 117 mins.
Language Korean
Budget 74,753