The Evil of Frankenstein (1963)



              He's never been more shocking! shocking! shocking!


Forced to leave town because of their experiments, Frankenstein and Hans return to Frankenstein's hometown of Karlstad and set up laboratory in the abandoned Frankenstein chateau. Frankenstein then finds his original creation frozen inside a glacier and restores it to life. Only it will not respond to his commands. And so he comes up with the idea of obtaining the services of Zoltan, a disreputable carnival hypnotist, to hypnotize the monster into obeying him.

Zoltan is successful but has less than scientific interests at heart and, with the monster responding only to his commands, uses it to rob and take revenge upon the town authorities. Can this monster be stopped??? and will it turn upon the man who created it???




















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Directed by Freddie Francis
Produced by Anthony Hinds
Written by Anthony Hinds
Starring Peter Cushing
Sandor Eles
Peter Woodthorpe
Katy Wild
Duncan Lamont
Kiwi Kingston
Music by Don Banks
Distributed by Hammer Film Productions
Release date(s) May 8, 1963
Running time 84 min.
Language English