The Gorgon (1964)



     A Monster With the Power to Turn Living Screaming Flesh Into Stone!


A small German town falls prey to an unseen monster that turns its victims into lifeless statues in this mid-'60s. When the girlfriend of bohemian artist Bruno Heitz (Jeremy Longhurst) becomes the latest townsperson to turn up dead, her corpse transformed to stone, Bruno hangs himself, leaving the town to assume his guilt.

But when his father, Prof. Heitz (Michael Goodliffe), comes to investigate, he too encounters the Gorgon and turns to stone. Just before dying, the professor dashes off instructions to his other son, Paul (Richard Pasco), about how to exonerate Bruno. Suspicion falls on Dr. Namaroff (Peter Cushing), proprietor of the local madhouse, although one of his patients (Joyce Hemson) seems just as likely a culprit. Then along comes Prof. Carl Maister (Christopher Lee), a folklore expert from the University of Leipzig, who claims that the murderer is actually a human possessed by the spirit of Magaera, one of Medusa's snake-haired sisters from Greek mythology. Together, Paul and Dr. Namaroff attempt to root out the the very last of the snake-haired Gorgon sisters who haunts the local castle and turns victims to stone during the full moon.



















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Directed by Terence Fisher
Produced by Anthony Nelson Keys
Written by John Gilling
Starring Peter Cushing
Christopher Lee
Richard Pasco
Barbara Shelley
Michael Goodliffe
Music by James Bernard
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date(s) 1964
Running time 83 mins.
Language English