The Skull (1965)



        What connection could there be? Witchcraft? .....Hardly. Not in this day and age.

           Not in this day and age.


The film begins with a pre-credit sequence set in the 1800s, in which Pierre, a phrenologist (Maurice Good), robs the grave of the recently buried Marquis de Sade. He takes the Marquis' severed head and sets about boiling it to remove its flesh, leaving the skull; before the task is done, Pierre himself has met an unseen and horrific death.

The story then moves to the modern day. Christopher Maitland (Cushing), a collector and writer on the occult, is offered the skull by Marco (Wymark), an unscrupulous dealer in antiques and curiosities. Maitland learns that the skull has been stolen from Sir Matthew Phillips (Lee), a friend and fellow collector. Sir Matthew, however, does not want to recover it, having escaped its evil influence. He warns Maitland of its powers. At his sleazy lodgings Marco dies in mysterious circumstances; Maitland finds his body and takes possession of the skull. He in turns falls victim as the skull drives him to hallucinations, madness and death.



















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Directed by Freddie Francis
Produced by Max Rosenberg
Milton Subotsky
Written by Milton Subotsky
Robert Bloch
Starring Peter Cushing
Christopher Lee
Jill Bennett
Patrick Wymark
Music by Elisabeth Lutyens
Distributed by Amicus
Release date(s) 1965
Running time 83 min.
Language English