The Horror of Frankenstein (1970)





Victor Frankenstein, a cold, arrogant and womanizing genius, is angry when his father forbids him to continue his anatomy experiments. He ruthlessly murders his father by sabotaging the old man's shotgun, consequently inheriting the title of Baron von Frankenstein and the family fortune. He uses the money to enter medical school in Vienna, but is forced to return home when he impregnates the daughter of the Dean.

Returning to his own castle, he sets up a laboratory and starts a series of experiments involving the revival of the dead. He eventually builds a composite body from human parts, which he then brings to life.  The creature goes on a homicidal rampage until it is accidentally destroyed when a vat where it has been hidden is flooded with acid.



















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Directed by Jimmy Sangster
Produced by Jimmy Sangster
Written by Jimmy Sangster
Jeremy Burnham
Mary Shelley
Starring Ralph Bates
Kate O'Mara
Veronica Carlson
David Prowse
Music by Malcolm Williamson
Distributed by Hammer Studios
Release date(s) November 8, 1970
Running time 95 mins.
Language English