The Mummy's Shroud (1967)





The Mummy's Shroud is set in 1920 and tells the story of a team of archaeologists who come across the lost tomb of the boy Pharaoh Kah-To-Bey. The story begins with a flash back sequence to Ancient Egypt and we see the story of how Prem, a manservant of Kah-To-Bey, spirited away the boy when his father was killed in a palace coup and took him into the desert for protection. Unfortunately, the boy dies and is buried.

The movie then moves forward to 1920 and shows the expedition lead by scientist Sir Basil Walden (Andre Morell, a Hammer regular) and business man Stanley Preston (John Phillips) finding the tomb. They ignore the dire warning issued to them by Hasmid, a local Bedouin about the consequences for those that violate the tombs of Ancient Egypt and remove the bodies and the sacred shroud. Sir Basil is bitten by a snake just after finding the tomb and dies a few days later. After being placed in the Cairo Museum, the mummy of Prem is revived when Hasmid chants the sacred oath on the shroud. The mummy then proceeds to go on a murderous rampage to kill off the remaining members of the expedition.

One by one, those who assisted in removing the contents of the tomb to Cairo are eliminated by such grisly means as strangulation, being thrown out of windows, and having photographic acid thrown in their face. Greedy Stanley Preston, the real villain of the piece, after repeated attempts to evade the murder investigations and flee for his own safely, is murdered in a Cairo sidestreet by the avenging mummy. All ends happily thanks to the intervention of remaining members of the party, Stanley's son Paul Preston and Maggie Claire de Sangre, who succeed in destroying the Mummy in a very dramatic and beautifully staged finale.















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Directed by John Gilling
Produced by Michael Carreras
Written by John Gilling
Anthony Hinds
Starring André Morell
John Phillips
David Buck
Maggie Kimberly
Music by Don Banks
Distributed by Seven Arts
Release date(s) 1967
Running time 90 mins.
Language English