The House on Sorority Row





Katey, a graduated sorority sister, is pressured by her six sorority sisters into pulling a prank on their strict house mother, Mrs. Slater, who is known for carrying a sharp walking cane. The prank goes awry and Mrs. Slater is shot. The girls all agree to hide Slater's body in their dirty swimming pool until a graduation party being held in the house is finished. As the party begins, a guest wanders around the pool and is subsequently impaled through the neck by an unknown figure, wielding Slater's cane, and dragged away.

When other guests attempt to throw a girl in the pool, they are stopped by the sorority sisters. Later, to prevent the pool lights from coming on revealing Slater's body, Stevie, one of the sorority sisters is forced to go into the power room of the house located in the basement. While doing so, she is murdered. Sorority sister Katey meets her date for the party, Peter, with whom she neglects as the other girls worry why Stevie hasn't returned from the power room yet.

The sisters then find Slater's body which has mysteriously been moved to the attic, from whence it falls. Morgan, an attractive yet not-so-bright sister, hides in her room where she is murdered. Having found Slater's body, the sisters decide to bury it in a nearby graveyard. Meanwhile Katey explores the attic of the house and discovers several children's toys. Diane, one of the sisters, is killed while waiting in her van for the other girls. Jeanie, the most nervous member of the group, is also attacked but manages to escape. However, after informing Katey about the attack, Jeanie is chased into the upstairs bathroom and killed.

The party goers finally depart, leaving Katey and Peter in the house. Katey tells Peter to go home and finds a number card that once belonged to Mrs. Slater. The card has the phone number for a Dr. Beck who soon arrives and asks Katey where Slater is. The two discover the bodies of Stevie, Morgan and Diane in the pool.

Meanwhile, Vicki, the mean unofficial leader of the sisters and her lackey Liz attempt to bury the body in the graveyard. Liz has her throat slashed and Vicki is hacked to death in the process. Katey and Dr. Beck arrive at the graveyard only to discover their bodies.

After giving her a sedative, Dr. Beck reveals to Katey that Mrs. Slater had a son named Eric who was horribly deformed and mentally underdeveloped. Eric had actually been living in the Sorority House's attic and witnessed the shooting death of his mother. Katey is used as bait to lure Eric out of the attic so Dr. Beck can shoot him with a tranquilizer gun. However, the plan backfires and Dr. Beck is viciously hacked to death by Eric who pushes him over a flight of stairs.

Katey grabs the hand gun that was used on Mrs. Slater and flees from the clown-costumed Eric, which is when she discovers Jeanie's severed head in the toilet. After a fight ensues in the attic, Katey stabs Eric, and he falls through the attic hatch to the floor below. Katey peers down, and thinking that he is dead, is relieved. However, Eric then opens his eyes as the film ends.










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Directed by Mark Rosman
Produced by John G. Clark
Written by Bobby Fine
Mark Rosman
Starring Kate McNeil
Eileen Davidson
Janis Ward
Robin Meloy
Harley Jane Kozak
Music by Richard Band
Distributed by Film Ventures International (FVI)
Release date(s) January 21, 1983
Running time 92 min
Language English