The Children





A Christmas and New Year holiday degenerates into a fight for survival when the children start turning on their parents. At first the children begin demonstrating some odd behavior, particularly staring off into space. A small series of incidents, including the disappearance of the family pet, eventually escalates into deliberately sadistic and homicidal activity on the children's part.

The privileged yuppie parents, due to the psychological trauma of the brutality of the attacks, and an initial unwillingness to believe that they are being stalked by their own children, are incapable of defending themselves. The cause for the children's increasingly disturbed and psychotic behavior is suggested to be the result of a non-specified sickness.
















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Directed by Tom Shankland
Produced by Allan Niblo
Written by Paul Andrew Williams
Tom Shankland
Starring Eva Birthistle
Music by James Richardson
Distributed by Vertigo Films
Release date(s) 5 December 2008
Running time 85 mins
Language English