The Collector



                          He always takes one


The movie commences at a house....The owners, Larry and Gena Wharton (Diane Goldner), come home from a night out drinking. While Gena goes upstairs, Larry stays downstairs to read some mail. However, he finds that the lights donít work. Gena calls out for him, and so he rushes upstairs. In their bedroom they find a big red box. Larry assumes one of the workers mustíve left it. On top of the box is the message ďfor the collectionĒ. The box suddenly moves. Larry opens the box and is shocked to find whatís inside....a hand suddenly reaches to grab him....

We then switch to another two-story house under construction. Among the workers are an exterminator and a man named Arkin (Josh Stewart). The family living in the house comprises of Michael (Michael Reilly Burke), his wife Victoria (Andrea Roth), their teenage daughter Jill (Madeleine Zima), and their little girl Hannah (Karley Scott Collins).  Whilst outside, Arkin completes his work of putting up bars. After he finishes, Michael pays Arkin for his work and throws in a little extra for Arkinís daughter Cindy.  Later, at home Arkin and his wife Lisa go to the kitchen, where she asks him for the money. It turns out that Lisa owes money to loan sharks, and the deadline is tonight. Sheís planning on running away with Cindy since she canít pay them, but Arkin promises to get the money for her debt by midnight. Arkin calls Roy (Robert Wisdom) and wants to see him immediately. They meet at a strip club and talk inside Royís car. Arkin is an ex-convict and Roy helped him out while in prison. Arkin has been repaying Roy by picking locks and stealing things for him. Arkin tells Roy that heís been casing the house heís been working on. Michael is a jewel broker, and has a valuable jewel hidden in a safe. The family is out of town now, and he needs Roy to pay him tonight. Roy finally agrees to the change of plans and allows Arkin to leave.

Arkin drives back to the house at night, and we see that the house in the middle of nowhere. He puts on a mask and grabs his tool bag. As he sneaks towards the house, he is suddenly attacked by a dog. Arkin picks the lock to the back door of the house. He enters and goes upstairs to the master bathroom and lifts the mirror up, knowing that it covers the safe. He takes off his mask and starts to crack the safe when he hears someone downstairs. The Collector (Juan Fernandez), a killer who wears a black mask, locks the back door and starts to come upstairs. Arkin quickly puts the mirror back, grabs his bag, and hides in the other room while the Collector is on the other side of the wall. The Collector goes into the bathroom, and Arkin sneaks downstairs. He tries to leave but finds that there are several locks on the top of the back door, all of which are now locked. There are also several locks on the front door as well. Arkin decides to find another exit, but for his familyís sake, he decides to stay in the house to get the jewel.

He goes back to the master bathroom and works on the safe again when he hears screaming through the vent. Michael emerges from the basement, beaten and bloody. Arkin hides his bag and goes to see whatís going on. He sees that The Collector grab Michael. Arkin, having seen the whole thing, decides to call 911. He picks up the phone and doesnít see that a spike has been placed in the receiver. When he puts it to his ear, it stabs him. He decides to leave through a window, but he finds that they are all boarded up. He tries to remove the boards, but some hidden blades slam down on his hand. He tries to go to another door by the dining room, but he slices his face on hidden razor sharp wires tied across the room. He realizes that there are several traps hidden around the house. Arkin has two choices Ė go upstairs or go to the basement. He chooses the basement.

Arkin uses his flashlight to see when he gets startled by something. He turns on the light and sees that Michael has been tied to a chair. Heís bloodier than before, having been tortured with deep gashes all over his body and feet. Arkin asks where the rest of his family is. Victoria is in the basement as well, Jill is out with her boyfriend, and he doesnít know if Hannah is still in the house or not. Michael tells him that he has a gun in the safe upstairs and gives him the combination. Arkin goes into the other room, where he finds Victoria chained to a bathtub. She also has duct tape pinned over her eyes. He wants her to scream, so that when the Collector comes downstairs, he can sneak back upstairs. He tells her to stop screaming once the killer comes back down there so that he wonít hurt her. Victoria screams, causing the Collector to come downstairs. Arkin sneaks upstairs and goes to the master bathroom. He opens the safe and grabs the pistol inside. He also takes the jewel - The only problem is that there are no bullets for the gun.

Arkin looks all over for Hannah, but doesnít find her. He hears a noise coming from a closet. He opens the closet and finds a big red box inside, which is moving. He opens the box and Larry lunges out. His legs are chained to the box. Arkin asks him who he is and what heís doing there. Larry explaims that the Collector collects people. When he finds someone that he likes, heíll capture them in the box and use them as bait for his next victims. Heíll kill everyone else, like his wife Gena. Larry yells for Arkin to get out while he still can, but Arkin puts him back in the box. Arkin goes into Jillís room and sees that the window is wide open. He doesnít see that the floor is covered in some yellow/orange substance. Arkin takes a couple of steps in it and realizes that itís acid. Arkin jumps on the bed and tries to retrieve his shoes, but they are stuck in the acid, along with the cat. The cat tries to free itself but screeches in pain - The Collector goes upstairs and hears Larry in the box...kicking it.

Arkin grabs a paper clip and sneaks into the basement again. Once there, he finds that Michael has been hung upside down and killed. He goes to the other room and frees Victoria from the bathtub (using the paper clip to pick the handcuffs). Yet, the collector finds her and repeatedly stabs her in the chest, causing her to fall down the stairs into the basement. Arkin hides under a desk as the Collector drags the still alive Victoria back to the tub. Arkin uses the opportunity to escape back upstairs. The Collector sews Victoriaís mouth shut and records her screams. Arkin breaks a window with a lamp to try to escape, but then hears a car outside.

Jill and her boyfriend Chad (Alex Feldman) return. The Collector also hears the car and goes upstairs. Arkin tries to warn them not to come in the house, but it starts to rain outside, causing his screams to go unnoticed. Jill and Chad go inside the house and continue to fool around, oblivious to all the traps around them. They go to the kitchen. Arkin sneaks downstairs and crawls underneath the dining room table. Jill eventually notices the Collector nearby and becomes scared. The Collector readies his knife and approaches the couple. He stabs Chad through the hand and pushes him through the doorway, where he a trap causes a cleaver to slice his fingers off. Chad then steps into the dining room, where his leg gets stuck in a bear trap. He falls to his knees, causing his other leg to get caught. He finally falls backwards, where he is graphically killed by a plethora of bear traps. The Collector grabs Jill and locks the back door again. She calls 911, but he pulls her away before she can say anything. Despite Arkin's best efforts he is eventually snared by the Collector.

Arkin has been placed in the basement. He is handcuffed and there are several fish hooks impaling his back. The Collector wakes Arkin up by slicing his forehead with a knife. Arkin sees Hannah hiding under the desk and pleads with the killer to let Hannah go. Another car arrives at the house. Itís a cop responding to Jillís 911 call. The Collector leaves the basement. The cop looks into a window of the house and sees Chadís mangled corpse. He goes around back and finds the Collector standing outside. While the cop tries to arrest him, the dog lunges at him and rips his throat open. The Collector then breaks the copís neck, killing him. Arkin painfully tears himself free of the hooks and gets Hannah. They find that Victoria is dead in the bathtub. Arkin sees that the Collector has filled the tub with gasoline and realizes that he plans to burn the house down. The Collector grabs the copís shotgun and enters the house with his dog.....can Arkin and Hannah escape????










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Directed by Marcus Dunstan
Produced by Jennifer Hilton
Mickey Liddell
Brett Forbes
Julie Richardson
Christopher Lockhart
Written by Marcus Dunstan
Patrick Melton
Starring Madeline Zima
Andrea Roth
Daniella Alonso
Robert Wisdom
Josh Stewart
Michael Reilly Burke
Music by Jerome Dillon
Distributed by Freestyle Releasing
Release date(s) July 31, 2009
Running time 88 mins
Language English
Budget $3,000,000