Wrong Turn II



              In the Forest, Only They Can Hear You Scream.


Four years after the events of the first film, Wrong Turn 2 opens with a contestant Kimberly, a spoiled celebrity who's running late for her appearance on a Survivor-like reality television show. Losing her bearings in the mountains of West Virginia and while complaining to her agent on the phone, she accidentally hits someone with her car. Visibly shaken, she goes to help him, unaware that the victim is a mutated cannibal. After attempting to help, "Brother" bites her lips off while the surviving cannibal from the first film, Three-Finger, blocks her way to the car as she stumbles back crying in anguish. He then uses an ax to chop her in half vertically. Her intestines fall out and her now cut in half body falls to the ground. The two cannibals each drag half of her body away.

As the opening titles roll, five strangers appear in the movie, Nina, the goth, loner girl; Jake, the athletic, kind hearted guy; Jonesy, the goofy joker; Elena, the promiscuous "hot chick;" and Amber, the military girl. They are competing in the reality show called "Apocalypse: Ultimate Survivalist" with a theme that it takes place at the end of the world. The show is hosted by retired military commander, Dale Murphy (Rollins), who makes them give up all outside communication before starting. After Kimberly doesn't show up, the show's producer Mara steps into her place. As they move into the forest, the surviving cannibal from the first movie attacks and kills Neil, one of the show's producers. He then knocks out and captures Dale.

Later, Elena performs fellatio on Mara's boyfriend Michael, while Mara secretly watches. Devastated, she goes with Nina to a cabin in search of a phone. There, they witness a cannibal "Ma" giving birth, and are, in turn, spotted. The girls get out of the cabin as "Sister" kicks down the door. The two run away into the woods with the cannibals chasing them. During the pursuit, Mara is hit in the head with an axe and killed as Nina hides. One of the cannibals, "Pa," looks for her but doesn't find her. The other cannibals drive up with Mara tied to the hood of their truck and the cannibal gets in and drive off. Nina sets off to find the others.

Down by the lake, Michael goes back to the RV and Elena stays there to tan in her underwear. A cannibal "Brother" watching her in the bushes starts masturbating but is interrupted by Sister who is furious and jealous of Elena. Sister knocks him over and he sets off an alarm. Elena hears it and starts to get dressed. Sister runs out of the bushes towards Elena who trips and falls into the lake and Sister slashes her across the back with a machete repeatedly, killing her and revealing her spine. She only stops hacking at her back when Brother comes out of the bush and they start kissing. Back at the RV, Michael is stabbed with an arrow, taken to the cannibals' home, and later decapitated. As Three-Finger tortures Dale, he uses a moment to his advantage, manages to escape, and shoots the mutant with a shotgun.

Amber and Jonesy find Jake at a barbecue pit. As they eat the discovered meat, a crazed Nina races up and tells her story. Jonesy then realizes it has been Kimberly's leg that they've been eating after spotting her signature snake tattoo. As they run, Dale finds "The Old Man" (from the previous movie) in his cabin. Dale tells him about the cannibals and soon realizes the man is their un-mutated father. After a brief skirmish, Dale kills the old man by blowing him up with a stick of dynamite. After a chase, Amber and Jonesy get caught in a trap and are soon killed with a single dual headshot arrow. Meanwhile, Nina and Jake make it to the mill filled with stolen empty cars. They soon get trapped while Michael is being beheaded live on the screen in the van.

The abandoned mill reveals to be the mutant's home and Dale managed to sneak into the compound. They torture Nina at their dinner table, feeding her with Michael's flesh. While sneaking, Dale catches in a noisy trap, alerting the family who soon chases him. But he manages to kill "Brother" and "Sister" with dynamite stuck to an arrow and goes to free Nina and Jake. He frees Nina and while he helps Jake, he is shot in the back by an arrow and is then killed by a razorwire chain thrown around his throat. Nina successfully escapes, however Jake wanders into a room where an enormous meat grinder is kept, and soon gets into a fight with Pa. Realizing she has to help him, Nina returns to the mill and along with Jake kills what they believe are the last mutants by pushing them into the grinder. They then find Kimberly's abandoned sports car and drive away to safety.

As the film ends, the still alive Three-Finger feeds the newborn mutant baby Mara's finger and a bottle filled with a greenish chemical waste. His laugh is heard over the end credits.










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Directed by Joe Lynch
Produced by Jeff Freilich
Erik Feig
Written by Turi Meyer
Al Septien
Starring Erica Leerhsen
Texas Battle
Crystal Lowe
Aleksa Palladino
Daniella Alonso
Henry Rollins
Kimberly Caldwell
Music by Bear McCreary
Distributed by Fox Home Entertainment
Release date(s) October 9, 2007
Running time 93 mins
Language English
Budget $4,000,000