Wrong Turn III



                What You Don't See Will Kill You


College student Alex and her friends go to the woods on a rafting trip. Soon after, her friends are killed by the mutant cannibal, "Three Finger", the being that survived from the previous film. She is left to fend for herself, but not for long. Meanwhile some dangerous prisoners are being transferred by Nate Wilson, a prison guard, on his last day before leaving to become a lawyer. During transportation their transport bus is attacked by Three Finger and the prisoners escape.

While being chased through the woods, the prisoners and Nate encounter Alex and an abandoned transport filled with money. The money becomes the prisoners sole motivation for escape and survival. However, One-by-one Three Finger hunts and kills all the prisoners except Brandon with Nate and Alex surviving. At the end, Nate returns to take the money that was left behind, but Brandon kills him and an unknown figure kills Brandon as he collects the money.


















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Directed by Declan O'Brien
Produced by Jeffrey Beach
Written by Connor James Delaney
Starring Chucky Venice
Tamer Hassan
Janet Montgomery
Music by Claude Foisy
Distributed by Fox Home Entertainment
Release date(s) 2009
Running time 92 mins
Language English
Budget $1 million