The Dead Zone





Johnny Smith (Walken) is a young New England schoolteacher in love with his colleague Sarah (Adams) when he is involved in a serious car accident that sends him into a coma.  He awakes under the care of neurologist Dr. Weizak (Lom) and counts himself fortunate when he notes no casts, bandages or visible signs of injuries on his body. However, the awakening turns rude when he is told that five years have passed since he last knew consciousness: his girlfriend has long since married and had a child. Johnny's transition back to life is made rougher when he discovers that he has the ability to learn a person's secrets (past, present, future) through making physical contact with the person. This ability, however, leaves him an outcast in his hometown despite helping the citizens.

Later Johnny discovers through a handshake that US Senatorial Candidate, Greg Stillson (Sheen) will later become President of the United States, and through the handshake sees Stillson ordering a nuclear strike against Russia, thus presumably bringing on a nuclear holocaust. Johnny feels it to be his duty to assassinate Stillson and attempts to do so at a rally in a church. Johnny attempts to shoot Stillson but misses and is soon shot by Stillson's security detail. However, after Johnny's first shot Stillson grabs Sarah's baby and holds him up in the air to shield himself. This act is heavily photographed and becomes instant political suicide. As Johnny is shot and falls from the balcony, he is confronted by an angered Stillson. Johnny grabs him and foresees Stillson looking at a Newsweek magazine with the picture of him shielding himself with Sarah's baby and then proceeds to shoot and kill himself. Johnny then says to Stillson "It's over." A now satisfied Johnny then dies with Sarah by his side.















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Directed by David Cronenberg
Produced by Debra Hill
Written by Stephen King
Jeffrey Boam
Starring Christopher Walken
Brooke Adams
Tom Skerritt
Martin Sheen
Music by Michael Kamen
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) October 21, 1983
Running time 103 min.
Language English
Budget $10,000,000