Welcome to a Japanese Nightmare


A young couple (played by Tsugumi Nagasawa and Hiroaki Kawatsure) are snatched off the street and wake up shackled in a basement. This has occurred just after a nervous first date, in which they both assert that they 'like each other.' From this point onward, and with no initial explanation, a sadistic madman (played by Shigeo Osako) degrades, tortures and mutilates them. Initially this torture focuses on the male, whom upon passing out is awoken by some form of smelling salt. However the torture intensifies, with the mad man sexually assaulting both the female and the male, making the other watch him. The perpetraiter explains to the couple that he wants them to 'sexually stimulate them' by displaying there need to survive, and that upon doing this he would let them go....

As the films progresses we see both captives moved from their original shackles and awaking in what looks to be some form of hospital theatre - the mad man professes to be a doctor and proceeds to chainsaw the fingers of both the males and females hands, making them into a necklace and putting them around the two tortured subjects necks. Not stopping there the madman gives the male the opportunity to be tortured further, and if he does not agree the female would be tortured instead. Bravely the male agrees - nails are put through his testicles and his penis is cut off, yet still he refuses to allow the female to be tortured. We then cut to a hospital bed - both subjects are in recovery and the mad man explained that as the couple have sexually stimulated him he will let them go and turn himself into the Police. Whilst recovering both are horribly disfigured and question the mad mans true intent.

As the movie moves to its climax we learn that the mad man has no intention of releasing them - they both awake to find themselves chained up again - and on this occasion the mad man has an even more sadistic game to play.......












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Directed by K˘ji Shiraishi
Produced by Kazue Udagawa
Ky˘suke Ueno
Written by K˘ji Shiraishi
Starring Hiroaki Kawatsure
Tsugumi Nagasawa
Shigeo Osako
Music by  
Distributed by 4Digital Asia
Release date(s) 2009
Running time  
Language Japanese