Hansel and Gretel





The scene is opened with pictures that tell Hansel and Gretel's story, and faded black. Then the scene shifted to Eun-soo, a salesman, driving his car while talking to his wife on the phone. Apparently, his wife was four weeks pregnant and telling him to go by her side. But he told her that his mother's ill and he had to visit. So as they quarrelled along the way Eun-soo accidentally hit a big rock and his car fell down the road. He opened his eyes and realized that his car just fell hours ago and he was kind of "stranded" in a dark forest. He tried to keep awake and walked in the woods but fell apart. The next scene, he opened his eyes again and found light, it was in a little girl's hand. The little girl helped her get up and as they were walking, Eun-soo asked her name and she told him her name was Young-hee. He followed her into a big, neat house in the middle of the forest, the house's signboard was read "House of Happy Children".

In the terrace her parents were waiting, with her two siblings, who then were known as Man-bok, her older brother, and Jung-soon her little sister. Strangely their parents were acting weird, like jiggling their feet and scratching their necks, like feeling worried. Even when the next day Eun-soo woke up he saw many sweets on the table, and the children was following every move he made. Then he decided to go, and came back into the house because the dark is quickly coming. He could never get out of that forest. As he tried to get out of the house he discovered that the parents were gone, why Man-bok was so full of anger and why the children always watch the same, sadist TV show that replayed over and over, along with the creepy sound in the attic every night.

Soon he found out from their mother, who was hiding in the attic, that she and her husband were not their really parents. Their car broke down at the same street and were found by the children-they could never get out. She told him to don't believe the innocence of the children. The day after, it was snowing. Eun-soo met Man-bok and a couple who was going to get into the house. The husband was a deacon named Byun and he seemed very nice and took the children's sympathy. While his wife...looked greedy. As Eun-soo kept looking for clues, he saw that the meat they ate was actually the cooked body of their "father",and their mother, now was turned into a china doll. He also noticed that Byun's wife had disappeared. At night, he saw Man-bok was going into the woods. He tried to follow him, and made a trail of breadcrumbs so he wouldn't get lost. He was surprised that Byun's wife was turned into an oak tree.

Man-bok finally stopped in front of a mysterious door, it was leading him to a room full of dust. When he left, Eun-soo immediately got into the room to find out what's going on. He looked over some notes and found out that the children was over thirty years old. Suddenly Young-hee came(she sounded like she was raped), and when Eun-soo looked at her face, it was an old woman's face. Then she strangely went back to the house. He decided to go back, and found Byun was a pedophile who tried to kill the children. He knocked Byun down and asked the children what happened. As Young-hee began the story, the scene turned into flashbacks.

The kids were living in an orphanage called "House of Happy Children". The caretaker was abusive, he always wanted to make the children die. One Christmas morning when Santa Claus came, he gave them powers to make real of what they imagine, and also a box of sweets, and a story book which told the story of Hansel and Gretel. They believed the story, even the part of when Gretel pushed the evil witch into the burning fireplace, they thought they must do that to bad adults. Man-bok, Young-hee and Jung-soon couldn't stand the way the caretaker did, they screamed and it made the caretaker was burned in the fireplace. Since then they tried to find suitable parents, but the ones they found were satisfactory.

As she told the story Byun rose again and tried to broke Eun-soo's neck, but finally Man-bok screamed really loud... and killed Byun. They confronted Eun-soo about not leaving them, he told them to have a life and they refused, finally they let him go. Christmas morning, one year later, Eun-soo received a blank notebook, but at the end page he saw a drawing of three smiling kids, "happily ever after". He slowly wept and as he looked out of the window, three shadowy figures of Man-bok, Young-hee, and Jung-soon, went back from Eun-soo's house to their place into the woods, and the screen finally faded to black.









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Directed by Yim Pil-Sung
Produced by  
Written by Kim Min Suk
Starring Cheon Jeon-yeong
Eun Won-jae
Shim Eun-kyeong
Jin Ji-hye
Music by Lee Byung-woo
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
Release date(s) December 27, 2007
Running time 87 mins.
Language Korean