The Beyond



   Behind this doorway lie the terrifying and unspeakable secrets of hell. No one who

     sees it lives to describe it. And you shall live in darkness for all eternity.


In 1927, Louisiana's Seven Doors Hotel is the scene of a vicious murder as a lynch mob crucifies and pours quicklime upon an artist named Schweick, whom they believe to be a warlock. The artist's murder opens one of the seven doors of death, which exist throughout the world and allow the dead to cross into the world of the living. Several decades later, a young woman from New York inherits the hotel and plans to re-open it for business.

But her renovation work activates the hell-portal, and soon she and a local doctor find themselves having to deal with living dead, a ghost of a blind girl who seeks to get them to leave the house, a mystic tome called the Book of Eibon that supposedly contains the answers to the nightmare at hand, face-eating tarantulas, a young girl whose murdered parents become zombies and is herself possessed by undead spirits and Schweick, who has returned as a malevolent, indestructible corpse, apparently in control of the supernatural forces.

All hope is lost by the end, as the hero and heroine find themselves transported impossibly from a hospital stairway back to the hotel's basement. They enter a wasteland that Schweick was seen painting at the beginning of the film. After wandering around amidst fog and lifeless mummified bodies, the two go blind and fade into oblivion.






















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Directed by Lucio Fulci
Produced by Fabrizio De Angelis
Written by Giorgio Mariuzzo
Lucio Fulci
Dardano Sacchetti
Starring Catriona MacColl
David Warbeck
Cinzia Monreale
Antoine Saint-John
Veronica Lazar
Anthony Flees
Giovanni De Nava
Al Cliver
Michele Mirabella
Gianpaolo Saccarola
Maria Pia Marsala
Laura De Marchi
Music by Fabio Frizzi
Distributed by Grindhouse Releasing
Release date(s) April 29, 1981
Running time  
Language Italian, English