Children of the Living Dead



                 Of all the places in all the world my dad could have picked to build his dealership,                            he picked the one right down the street from Walking Dead Central.


The movie begins with what could be described as a group of vigilantes killing of the remaining zombies - shooting them ot the head and then burn ing the bodies. However as two men check out an isolated barn it transpires that not all of the zombies are killed - although a number of childrens are rescued in the process. Only the local sherrif emerges, and he is seen to be a heroe! It is serial murderer and rapist Abbot Hayes who is the surviving zombie....and it seems that he wants some company. However it seems that instead of acting immediiately he lies in wait in the same isolated barn....

Fourteen years after the last zombie attack, a businessman relocates bodies from a local cemetery to pave the way for progress. This story is also entwined with the return of a number of teens who were those original trapped children, and the death of some other teens who themselves become the undead. Can the same Sherrif and the surviving teens survive against the evil wrath of Abbot Hayes and his new army of the undead????



















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Directed by Tor Ramsey
Produced by Karen L. Wolf
Written by Karen L. Wolf
Starring Tom Savini
Marty Schiff
Damien Luvara
Jamie McCoy
Sam Nicotero
Music by  
Distributed by Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Release date(s) June 11, 2001 (U.K.)
Running time 90 minutes
Language English