Feng Shui





The movie opens with some videos of Chinatown's lucky charms and Buddha statues as well as statues of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and other saints then the movie starts with Joy (Kris Aquino); a typical mother riding a bus, she then is awoken as the bus stops and passengers leave the bus. She notices a man who leaves a mysterious package on his seat. She fails to return it to the man, she then goes to the local bakery and buys bread and shows the package to the Aling Biring; the owner of the local bakery. Aling Biring tells Joy that it is a Bagua and is believed to be lucky by the Chinese.

She arrives home being ignored by her husband make himself drunk. She then is visited by Mang Nestor; her own tricycle driver who checks himself at the hanged Bagua thinking it as an ordinary mirror and returns the groceries Joy left. Joy then shows it to her friends; Alice (Lotlot De Leon) and Thelma (Ilonah Jean) and then experiences good luck with her winning almost everything from raffles to job promotions. She then finds out the death of Aling Biring who haunted Joy, Aling Biring is then known to die of Leptospirosis. She, Alice and Thelma check Aling Biring's birth date and discovers she was born under the year of the rat, Leptospirosis is caused by contact with a rat's urine or feces. She then finds out the death of Mang Nestor as well as death of two bodyguards but before that she got lucky; Joy accepted an inheritance. She visits a Chinese master and he tells them about the legend of Lotus Girl, he then advices Joy to reject the offers of good luck so that it wouldn't bring bad luck amongst her friends and people close to her. Thelma then is killed by a drunk man by pushing her off out of the window and falling on a bottle of Red Horse (Thelma was born in the year of the Horse).

All the ghosts from Aling Biring to Thelma to the mysterious man who left the Bagua as well as Lotus Girl now haunt Joy's home and her families. Joy asks Alice to go and take her children. Joy's husband then is killed by a man after trying to escape with his other woman who was the wife of the killer. Joy then again gets lucky by being saved from death as the man suicided instead of killing Joy. Alice and Joy's children then die after a fatal accident, they died by crashing infront of a truck full of cows and chicken (Joy's children and Alice were born under the year of the Ox and Rooster). Joy then arrives at her home being offered another offer by a lawyer she then rejects it, she finds out that Alice and her children survived the fatal accident but she was wrong... she then finds out that they are dead after her husband joins the pair. The movie ends with a new family moving in the subdivision, a twin finds the bagua and shows it to their parents.











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Directed by Chito Roņo
Produced by Tess V. Fuentes
Charo Santos-Concio
Malou N. Santos
Written by Roy C. Iglesias
Chito S. Roņo
Starring Kris Aquino
Music by Carmina Cuya
Distributed by Star Cinema
Release date(s) 15 September 2004 (Philippines)
Running time 93 mins
Language Filipino, English